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Dallas Personal Injury Lawyers

Meet Attorney Marc Lenahan

Severe Injuries Deserve Premier Care

At the Lenahan Law Firm, our formula is simple: a special team of attorneys, who work together on a very select handful of cases, only for severely injured clients we believe in, no matter where in Texas or North Dakota the injury happened. We believe that this narrow focus means a better chance at justice, better results more often, and happier clients. We believe that severe injuries deserve premier care.

And, yes, each of the photos above are from actual cases of Marc's, and each quote is from a client that we'd be proud to tell you about.

Premier Dallas Severe Injury Attorneys

Broken Bones, Emergency Surgery & Everything Worse

We believe that lawyers do a better job for their clients when they are focused. We focus on three things at the Lenahan Law Firm:

  • Limiting the amount of clients we take on.
  • Attorneys with specific & complementary skills.
  • Only representing clients with severe injuries.

So what do we mean by "severe" injuries? The quick answer is that if you or a loved-one required emergency surgery, suffered a broken bone, or anything worse—wrongful death, burns, paralysis, brain injury, etc.—we consider what you're suffering from to be a severe injury. And never, never, never evaluate whether or not you need an attorney based on how much money or insurance you “think” there is, or how much an insurance company claims there is. If an insurance agent tells you, “You’ll end up with less if you hire an attorney,” there is no reason to believe them. It is impossible to know what’s true and what’s not until you’ve caught as many insurance companies and defendants in lies as we have.

Fighting for Maximum Compensation is What We Do

Wondering if you would benefit from hiring an attorney? Consider the “Over $6,500,000” case listed above. First, the family was told that $50,000 was "all there is." Then we were told there was $1,000,000, but that it didn't apply and that they’d never pay it. A year later, another $5,000,000 policy was discovered. If the family had taken the original $50,000 when they were told, “That’s all there is,” they would have received no real measure of justice. But because the family called us, even though the insurance company told them there was no reason to call an attorney, we secured real justice and exposed a scheme that was killing innocents.

Because our firm was able to secure such a large recovery, we were able to use the family's tragedy to save others from being killed in the same way. Marc has lectured to attorneys all across the U.S.A. about the scheme that this case uncovered so that it doesn't spread. Knowing that their case was used to help others brings the family even more peace than knowing that their result was one of the largest in the State.

A Unique Dallas Injury Law Firm

Providing Premier Care to the Severely Injured

When you turn to the Lenahan Law Firm for help, you will meet a legal team that includes:

As a premier severe injury law firm in Dallas, we believe that special clients deserve a special team of attorneys. Our team includes Kathleen, Wes, Tom & Marc. Yes, the way we represent you is extremely different from the way most every other injury law firm in Texas represents their clients. Look around the website for some details and personal stories that will tell you more or, even better, give us a call right now to talk about it.

Afraid of hiring a firm with 600 clients per attorney? We think you should be.

The Lenahan Law Firm is an exclusive severe personal injury law firm in Dallas, Texas. Here, we usually maintain less than 10 cases per attorney and accept the representation of only select clients at a time: the severely injured and those who have lost a loved one to wrongful death.

How is this different? It is an unpleasant secret that a very common way to practice injury law is to accumulate an enormous amount of clients without ever telling the client that their case won't get any more personal attention from their attorney than could be squeezed into a few hours total. It is probably the case that any other firm you are considering has at least 100 cases per attorney, as that is a ratio that several well-respected firms utilize. Do you think those clients would have made that choice if they knew?

The Difference of Hiring the Lenahan Law Firm

We've learned that most people who are looking for a severe injury law firm have no idea how extraordinarily vast the differences between law firms can be. The problem with this is that is that a prospective client with an important injury case will find a never-ending list of lawyers wanting to serve. That list will include all kinds: criminal lawyers, divorce lawyers, lawyers who do a little bit of everything, and firms with massive marketing programs that ask each lawyer in their firm to handle 200, 300, 600 or more cases. Certainly not all, but far too many personal injury lawyers have well over 100 clients per attorney. Yes, there are numerous Dallas injury law firms with over 600 clients per attorney.

In three very crucial ways, the Lenahan Law Firm is not like any of those firms.

First, we accept the representation of ONLY the severely injured and those who have lost a loved one to wrongful death. Helping those who have suffered through a catastrophic event that caused a loved one's wrongful death, a brain injury, paralysis, emergency surgery, and other types of severe injuries, is all we do. Second, we only represent a select number of clients at any one time. We believe that representing clients with such life-changing injuries requires and deserves personal attention. We understand that each case is unique, and we never know what any one client's case will ask of us. Our cases frequently require battling a courtroom full of insurance lawyers, and we focus on every fight. Third, because each of our cases requires that we take the client's story into our hearts, we accept the representation of only clients we believe in.

If you think that our Firm and your case might be a good fit, the sooner you call or email, the better. We have a lot to talk about, so let's get started! Call now at (214) 380-4095.

Researching us from far away? You’re in good company.

HQ in Dallas. Base Stations in Austin, Midland & North Dakota. Clients World-Wide.

A disproportionately high ratio of our clients finds us from locations far from Dallas. In fact, our clientèle at any one time might include almost as many individuals from North Dakota, Hong Kong, London, Austin, San Antonio, Tennessee, Florida, Virginia, Colorado and Michigan as from Dallas, Coppell, Irving, Farmers Branch, Plano, Frisco and Carrollton.

We have a theory for why this might be. We believe that distance forces people needing to find the right lawyer to do more research, as they've not been bombarded with billboards, daytime TV commercials & sports-radio ads by mass-marketing attorneys. The "research" theory is also supported by the fact that a stout number of our clients are highly educated or super street-wise. Ph.D.'s, professors, engineers, programmers and lawyers often seem to find us; as do the street-wise—including firefighters and roughnecks, teachers and preachers, and soccer moms and truckers.

You may be wondering whether or not it will be problematic to be located far from Dallas. The answer is absolutely not. First, we represent clients in every corner of Texas, and every acre of North Dakota, from our Dallas office. You shouldn't be surprised if Marc personally travels over a thousand miles to visit the scene of your injury before he has even asked you to sign a contract to make it official. Oh, and we have never asked a client to reimburse us for the costs we invest in coming to meet you and study the location before we are hired to be your lawyers. Choosing the right attorney to work with on important cases is too personal, and too crucial, a decision to make in the dark. Letting you see who we are is an investment we are always glad to make at our own cost.

Second, we've brought many cases to notable conclusions without our clients having ever stepped foot in our office. It just isn't necessary most of the time. No members of the families in the "$10,000,000 DWI Wrongful Death" case, the "Over $6,500,000" case, or the "Over $4,000,000" result have ever visited our Firm in person.

Third, it can be very hard to predict where a lawsuit will be brought until the matter is analyzed. For example, when a husband & father was killed by 18-wheelers in a Colorado dust storm, we determined that a proper and wise place to bring the lawsuit was in Houston. Every 18-wheeler case merits an evaluation of other counties and states that might also be proper. We've reached notable resolutions in settlement and at trial under the laws of Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Virginia and many others.

How Much Will It Cost to Hire Lenahan Law Firm?

Rest Assured, We Have NEVER Asked a Client to Write Us a Check.

You may have heard the phrases, "Pay only if there is a recovery," or "We only get paid if you do," but the State Bar of Texas's preferred term for expressing our payment arrangement is "Contingency fee, plus court costs & expenses." This means that not one of our clients has ever had to write us a check. Instead, we invest time, money and soul into trying to get you the best result we can. If we succeed in recovering money for you, we get to keep the agreed upon percentage as our fee. We are also then reimbursed from that money for court costs and expenses. Take a look here for more information about the Fees.

Awards & Testimonials

What do they really mean?

This website, like many others, is decorated with references to some of the many awards and honors Mr. Lenahan and the Lenahan Law Firm have earned. Some are big, big deals. Others really aren't that hard to come by. The truth is, though we are proud of those acknowledgments and are grateful for every single one of them, it is important to understand what they really mean. Look toward our clients' testimonials to see the personal stories behind the awards.

  • President of The National Crime Victim Bar Association
    Marc joined the Advisory Board for the National Crime Victim Bar Association in 2008, and has served ever since. The National Crime Victim Bar Association usually has about two dozen Board Members from across the nation, and a membership of hundreds of attorneys. It is a branch of The National Center for Victims of Crime. For the entirety of 2014, Attorney Lenahan served as its President.
  • President & Vice President of the Texas Brain Injury Alliance
    The Texas Brain Injury Alliance is the new name for the Brain Injury Association of Texas. Marc has served on the Board of The Brain Injury Association of Texas since 2010. He is the only attorney on the board, which is composed of about a dozen people, and includes survivors of brain injuries, family members of TBI survivors, and medical professionals.
  • Named to the Super Lawyers ® list in 2009
    This honor from a Thomson Reuters service is published in the Texas Monthly magazine. Marc was first named a "Super Lawyer" in 2009, and has been included each year since.
  • Named to the Rising Starslist in 2009
    There is a "Super Lawyers" list for attorneys under 40 called "Rising Stars." Marc was named in 2009, and Kathleen was added to that list in 2012.
  • Maintained 10.0 rating from AVVO since 2008
    AVVO contains the most complete list of reviews posted directly by our clients, whereas the ones you'll find on our testimonials page aggregated copies of reviews from all over, thank-you letters and emails, and testimony in court about our services. The Advertising Review Committee of the State Bar of Texas approved the description of these reviews as, "The best client reviews on AVVO.com," and we thank our clients for that. And now that Marc is licensed in North Dakota, he is also the best AVVO-reviewed injury attorney there, too.
  • Million & Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum®
    The Million Dollar Advocates Forum and Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum badges on our site denote Marc's membership, which were awarded in 2009, and are lifetime memberships.
  • Invited to join The Top 100 Trial Lawyers
    Marc was also offered membership in its role of Top 100 Texas Civil Attorneys in 2007 by The National Trial Lawyers. He has remained on that list ever since.

First, no amount of awards means that we're the right law firm for you. Nor does any amount of million-dollar results really tell you if the lawyers that obtained them did anything they should be proud of or if they are the right lawyers for you. Closing a case for a million dollars isn't impressive if most lawyers could have achieved the same result. And it is downright shameful if the right attorneys would have closed it for $3,000,000.

Find Out What Lenahan Law Firm Can Do for You

Finding a Dallas personal injury attorney is a personal decision. If you need us, we hope that we are right for you, but we want you to make that decision after you've had the chance to talk with us, research us, and get a real sense of who we are. Second, there are many great attorneys who we respect completely, but who have no awards at all -- though they are wonderful at what they do. But, unfortunately, there are also far too many lawyers who we would not trust to ethically handle even the simplest case, though they have an impressive sounding list of credentials.

Awards simply don't tell the whole story. We hope that you invest a few moments to study the many generous testimonials by our clients. It is our opinion that there is not another firm in Texas that can match them. Why is the Lenahan Law Firm the grateful beneficiary of so many heartfelt testimonials when we represent far fewer clients? Because, we believe that representing fewer clients is the best way to take care of every client.

Get the help you need by contacting our firm for a free initial consultation.

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* "Pay Only If there is a Recovery" is technically described as "Contingency Fee, Plus Court Costs & Expenses."

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