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Why do so many firms' areas of practice look the same?

On the left side of our this website, there is a long list of practice areas that looks a great deal like the lists you will see on thousands of other lawyers' websites. We want you to know the reasons as to why such lists are always there and we want you to understand why our list is not the same at all. Our theory on why almost all attorneys will utilize this type of list is because:

  • Lots of Dallas injury lawyers just want you to hire them, even if they are not the wisest choice for your case, so they throw out the broadest net they possibly can.
  • Google rewards lawyers who use those lists by raising their likelihood of being found through an online search.
  • Lots of lawyers don't invest much time, if any, in creating their websites; instead they hire companies that crank out uniform websites that aren't any different than the hundreds of others they've done.

The result is that "Areas of Practice" lists are hardly ever a list of the kinds of cases a lawyer should be willing to take. Instead, they merely show that the lawyer will take whatever they can in the hope that they can resolve it easily enough or hand it off to another firm. For example, if 95% of a lawyer's practice is running clients through chiropractors' offices, you should not, in our opinion, ever want them near a complex case like a wrongful death case, an 18-wheeler accidents, TBIs, oil field injuries, or corporate liability.

Our list is not like that. If we are not willing to fight the case ourselves, and are not willing to form a team of Dallas personal injury lawyers with the right talent sets for your case (at no extra fee), we do not claim it as a practice area. If we advertise it, we are willing to fight that kind of battle. Also, if you review what has been reflected in our testimonials, you'll see that we've fought a huge variety of complex cases, including:

Amputations, Burns & Disfigurements
An injury that has lifelong repercussions will require a high value settlement, judgment or verdict. These injuries usually require a lifetime of medical care and treatment, including ongoing surgeries, medical equipment and treatments at extremely high cost. It is necessary to take legal action to pursue not only the economic damages, but the non-economic damages in such cases, as well. The victim will be facing severe challenges for the rest of their life in severe injury claims.

Bodily Injury
Cases of bodily injury as a result of negligence require the representation of a Dallas personal injury lawyer that is focused strictly on severe injury claims. At Lenahan Law, P.L.L.C., we have a reputation as a top injury law firm and have achieved many significant victories for our clients over our years in practice.

Emergency Surgery
There are countless cases of severe injury that are the result of emergency surgery in which medical errors caused severe or permanent injury, physical conditions or loss of life. If you or a loved one had emergency surgery with catastrophic results, it is necessary to take legal action to pursue compensation.

Brain Injury
Even with great strides in modern medicine, brain injury recovery remain s one of the most difficult to predict. Some victims will face the future with serious cognitive disabilities that are never resolved. Others remain in a vegetative state. Some, after a long period of retraining and rehabilitation, may recover a great number of their abilities.

Broken Bones
Fractures can be extremely difficult to mend when the bones have multiple breaks or have been crushed in a car accident, work accident or other serious accident. Broken bones are particularly prone to serious infections and may require long term medical care and treatment, as well as permanently affect the victim's ability to engage in activities they enjoyed prior to the injury.

Car Accidents
The most common cause of severe injuries in the country is car accidents. These are frequently a result of drunk drivers, speeding, reckless driving or, in recent years, texting while behind the wheel. If you or a loved one has been severely injured in such an accident, the quality of your Dallas personal injury lawyer can have a significant impact on the final outcome of a claim.

Defective Products
Any manufacturer, distributor or retailer has the duty to ensure that the products they provide to consumers will not endanger their lives, either by a design flaw, manufacturing error or exposure to dangerous toxins. Auto, child toy and furniture manufacturers, as well as pharmaceutical companies, must be held accountable for the injuries, illnesses and deaths caused by the use of their products.

Driving While Texting or Calling
It is well-established that it is extremely dangerous to text or talk on a cell phone while operating a car, truck or other vehicle. Nevertheless, negligent drivers continue to engage in this dangerous practice of distracted driving, creating a severe hazard to innocent drivers and their passengers that are sharing the streets and highways.

Do I Need an Injury Attorney?
If you question whether a severe injury claim will require an Dallas injury attorney, it is important that you understand the statistics involved. Those that are represented by an aggressive, quality attorney are likely to recover at least three times more in compensation on average than someone without such representation, and sometimes even more.

Drunk & Impaired Driving
A high percentage of severe injury and fatal car accidents are the result of drunk driving. No matter what penalties are imposed for this illegal action, certain drivers continue to engage in the practice of driving after consuming too much alcohol, or while under the influence of prescription drugs or controlled substances.

Firearm Accidents
Accidents involving guns are some of the most dangerous and deadly possible, especially when children are involved. Parents who allow their firearms to be accessible to children and cause an injury or death to take place must be held accountable for the severe injuries or tragic loss of life. Others who negligently use their firearms and injure others must also be held accountable.

Motorcycle Accidents
Those who ride motorcycles face serious risks every day, usually caused by distracted or negligent drivers who do not notice that a motorcyclist is sharing the road. These accidents rarely injure the driver of the other vehicle, while the motorcyclist can face severe injuries or death.

Murder, Homicide & Terrorism
Families of those victimized by murder, homicide or terrorism can file claims in civil court to recover compensation in wrongful death claims. Whether the individual involved was found guilty or not, a civil claim can still be filed, and the burden of proof in civil court is not as stringent as it is in criminal court.

Oil Field, Offshore & Maritime Accidents
Accidents that take place in oil fields, offshore platforms and maritime accidents can have specific legal challenges, as the Jones Act and other maritime law may apply. At our Dallas persona injury firm, we are familiar with the legal process involved in filing claims. We can also assist the seriously injured or the families who have lost a loved one in pursuing justice and compensation from large corporate entities that have been negligent.

Paraplegia and quadriplegia are conditions that will require a lifetime of medical care and treatment. When such paralysis is the result of the negligent actions of another, it is important that the liable party is held accountable in financial terms. The compensation recovered must reflect the degree of injury and the long term effects on the injured person and their family.

Premises Liability
Premises liability is an area of the law that holds property owners responsible for providing their visitors with a reasonably safe environment. Should they fail to remedy any hazardous conditions in a timely manner, and someone is subsequently injured, they may be liable for providing the victim with damages.

Spine Injury
Damage to the spinal cord can lead to severe and permanent injury, including paralysis, quadriplegia or paraplegia; numbness; and other physical difficulties. Such injuries require ongoing medical care that may make it impossible to earn a living or engage in activities that were a part of the victim's life prior to the accident.

Truck, Bus & 18-Wheeler Accidents
When a serious accident involving a truck, bus or 18-wheeler takes place, there are often multiple victims and fatalities. The legal process in filing a claim can be much more complex than it is when filing a claim in an auto accident, and there could be several liable parties.

UM, UIM & Bad Faith Insurance
Although the law in the state of Texas requires that you are insured when operating a vehicle, many drivers, either through lack of money or other reasons, continue to drive while uninsured. If you have been involved in an accident that resulted in severe injury and the responsible party was an uninsured or underinsured motorist, something can be done. If your insurance company fails to pay your claim, it may be possible to file a bad faith insurance lawsuit and hold them accountable.

Workplace Accidents
The construction industry, oil industry and other hazardous professions have inherent dangers. When safety regulations are not carefully followed, the results can be disastrous for those who are simply trying to make a living. Many of these accidents result in severe or fatal injuries. Not only do families suffer the emotional upheaval of a seriously injured or lost loved one, they also lose the financial income to support them or pay for necessary medical care and treatment, funeral costs and other expenses.

Wrongful Death
When negligence or recklessness has led to the death of a family member, a claim can be filed against all negligent parties in civil court. At our firm, we focus strictly on severe injury claims and wrongful death claims, and we have the experience and record of success you need.

Fighting for the Rights of Accident Victims in Dallas

If you have suffered a devastating injury at the hands of a negligent party, you should know that you have rights. At our Dallas firm, we fully understand the scope of a debilitating injury, and we have made it our mission to fight strictly for the rights of accident victims. Sustaining an unjustified injury can lead to a life that is forever changed, including the financial burden of unending medical expenses, the emotional trauma of inevitable pain and suffering, and the physical damage that cannot be undone.

If you have been forced to suffer through similar circumstances, you should not hesitate to pursue the compensation that you deserve. When dealing with such a complex legal process, however, you should not have to settle for legal representation that will be quick to disregard your needs. With the help of a Dallas personal injury attorney from Lenahan Law Firm, you can rest assured that your best interests will always be kept in mind. For more information about your rights as a victim, you should not hesitate to contact our firm today.

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