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Dallas Truck Accident Lawyer

The Devastating Consequences of an 18 Wheeler Accident

Trucking Accident

Trucking accidents usually result in serious and catastrophic injuries. In any accident involving an 18 wheeler, semi or other type of large commercial truck, the likelihood of sustaining serious injury is extremely high, due to the massive size and weight of the vehicle. Colliding with a vehicle that could weigh in the range of 80,000 lbs. is extremely dangerous to any other driver or passenger involved. Although all types of car accidents are dangerous, a collision with a truck often results in life-altering injuries such as brain injury, spinal injury leading to paralysis, or the innocent person dies at the scene or within a short period of time.

After an 18 wheeler has gone out of control in an accident, it is a possibility that the driver violated federal or state trucking regulations. It is imperative that all the evidence in Truck driver fatigue is a serious problem in the trucking industry and many individuals have lost their lives or sustained serious injuries due to truck drivers that were driving while tired, or who had been driving longer than is permitted. Speak with a Dallas personal injury attorney from our firm at your earliest convenience if you or a loved one has sustained a serious injury due to an accident involving an 18 wheeler or other type of large commercial truck.

Regaining Financial Control in the Wake of an Accident

An accident involving a commercial truck often results in permanent or devastating injuries that will take many months or longer to resolve, or will require a lifetime of care and treatment. During such a harrowing time, it can be difficult to consider the legal matters that must be addressed. Having a highly experienced attorney handling your claim could help you and your family to avoid any serious financial difficulty in paying medical bills, and more importantly could provide your loved one with the medical care and treatment that must be administered to regain some degree of health, when possible.

Our firm exclusively represents victims of severe injuries, and we have recovered many high value settlements as our clients' deserved. Should we need to take the case to trial for resolution, we are prepared to do so. Our legal team is dedicated to providing the highest quality legal counsel to those that have suffered severe injury or lost a loved one in a case of wrongful death. We only represent a limited number of clients at a time so that we can ensure that each case and the family involved are given the personal care and attention they deserve.

Trucking Accident Claims in Dallas, TX

There are many regulations regarding commercial trucks, including those involving the weight of the vehicle, maintenance schedule, loading procedures, and the amount of time spent on the road without rest. Truck drivers can become extremely fatigued, aggressive, or could be operating the vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The first step in a truck accident case is to obtain the necessary information to file a claim against the negligent parties, whether the driver, trucking firm, maintenance firm or even a parts manufacturer in cases in which a critical safety system failed. Drivers could be in violation of federal regulations. All commercial trucks have a "black box" as well as a written log that must be obtained before they are destroyed.

There is limited time in which to get this evidence, and we will take immediate action to ensure all the critical evidence surrounding the accident is preserved. You need a Dallas truck accident lawyer that has experience, a record of success, and is respected in the area of personal injury law. At our firm, we are proud to have served as counsel to the injured and their families and to have been successful in recovering high value settlements in many serious injury cases. We urge you to contact our firm immediately so that we can take the necessary actions to protect your right to compensation for damages.

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