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Restitution for Victims of Child Pornography

Yes, You Have Rights to Recoveries!

Victims of child pornography suffer injuries in ways absolutely unique. Many receive never-ending piles of Notices of prosecutions of possessors of child pornography from all parts of the country. Many were abused by family members or others who, being properly incarcerated, can never contribute to their victim’s recovery. As they grow older, many find that there is always a new torment they did not realize was ahead of them: the need to pay for extra security, the higher cost of a smaller college, the fear that every person they meet has secretly downloaded their images, unexpected anxieties when they fall in love, marry, and have children of their own.

The criminal prosecutions are NOT the only battle to be fought. And the criminal prosecutions should not be left to the prosecutors alone. In Federal prosecutions, you have the right to let us help. And that help can make a major difference in the restitution your child receives.

Take Immediate Action. Call Our Dallas Injury Attorney

But delay is your enemy. We want to be involved immediately. The number of prosecutions can be in the hundreds. Do not let this sentencing happen without us.

And as victims of crime know all too well, “the District Attorney or the Attorney General does not represent the victim." But we can. In an important and developing area of law, there are at least three major battlegrounds we can engage:

  • First, we can seek criminal restitution from every single perpetrator who possesses the images and videos.
  • Second, we can pursue specified civil penalties from them.
  • Third, we can see tort damages.

Networks of child pornographers must fear these cases. They must be made to delete, delete, delete, and never to ever solicit, seek, or share ever again. Every time we get to fight for one child, we can save others. Together. We begin by having all the Notices sent here. The constant mailbox & email reminders stop. We take on that burden. We work to get the thoughts of your counselors to the Courts, where they can be powerful. And we do it all without ever receiving a single image here. Ever. For these battles, it does not matter what state anybody is in. Our main office is in Dallas, Texas. It does not matter if the child, the abuser, or the possessors have ever stepped foot in Texas. By their nature, these cases cross state lines. So we can, too.

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