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True Clients' Results & "the Lenahan Difference"

The Lenahan Law Firm wants you to rest assured of our experience in certain types of cases, so we've provided some examples that may overlap with your case. But the point we really want to make clear is that, no matter what kind of severe injury case you have, we are ready to stand with you, no matter what.

For several of these cases, there is a bit of extra information explaining why it is that we think the Client benefited from what we're calling, " the Lenahan Difference." There are cases when there won't be much difference in the bottom line between hiring any competent injury attorney, and hiring us. But we've come to believe that, most of the time, there is. Where there is a mention of "the Lenahan Difference," you'll see a quick example of why we were able to provide a better result for the client than would have ordinarily occurred.

Clients' Results

$10,000,000 DWI Wrongful Death Settlement:

Don't be deceived. Don't miss the opportunity to save lives. Many, many firms list of "results" include million dollar, and even multi-million dollar, results. But those can be deceiving. It is very common for that money to be completely uncollectiable. In other words, the Judge said "The Defendant owes the Plaintiff $43 million," but the Defendant wasn't even at the Hearing and will never acually pay the Plaintiff a penny. Sometimes it is decribed a "Judgment" or "Verdict" which sound very official. But the truth is, it is meaningless paper. But when the Lenahan Law Firm setteled a case for $10,000,000 in a DWI wrongful death case, that was money actually paid. No illusions. And, more importantly, the case result did result in changes that made us all safer.

The Lenahan Difference: The $10,000,000 is actual money. The results we strive for make a real difference for our clients, and a real difference in the world.

Amount in Excess of $6,500,000:

The Lenahan Law Firm secured over $6,500,000 after a negligently driven pick-up caused a wrongful death of an oil field worker in an auto accident involving the commercial policies of a construction company and shattered a family.

The Lenahan Difference: This is a case that saved lives by holding a construction company responsible for lethal conduct.

Amount In Excess of $2,000,000:

Marc Lenahan was the Responsible Attorney for a wrongful death case on behalf of a craftsman's family after he was killed by mesothelioma contracted from sources including asbestos-containing drywall.

The Lenahan Difference: during trial, the Judge stopped Mr. Lenahan's examination of one of his clients to permit the Jury to take a break so that they could stop crying. Because Mr. Lenahan had taken so much time to really understand what the family had lost, he was able to share that with the Jury. The case settled before testimony resumed the next morning.

Amount In Excess of $2,000,000:

In a wrongful death case, Marc Lenahan was the Responsible Attorney for a case on behalf of a Navy Sailor and his family after he was killed by mesothelioma contracted from sources including asbestos-containing seals and gaskets while aboard a Navy Submarine.

The Lenahan Difference: knowing that there was a real chance that the Client's mesothelioma would take his life before trial, Mr. Lenahan spent days with him in advance of his deposition so that the deposition would be able to completely tell the story of what a decent man he was.

Amount In Excess of $2,000,000:

Marc Lenahan was the Responsible Attorney for a wrongful death case on behalf of a worker and his family after he was killed by mesothelioma contracted from sources including asbestos-containing pipes and products at a chemical and refinery plant.

The Lenahan Difference: though similar cases had been litigated against these defendants dozens and dozens of times by other attorneys, Mr. Lenahan was the first one to ever seek and secure the right to visit the plant where the Client was exposed to the asbestos decades earlier. For the first time, the location was to be photographed and videotaped for the Jury.

Amount of Almost $2,000,000:

Marc Lenahan secured nearly $2,000,000 for MG from a company when one of its sales representatives caused a tragic auto accident that caused spinal injuries and a substantial paralysis.

The Lenahan Difference: because the Client needed help immediately, Mr. Lenahan worked with the Defendant's attorneys to hire a doctor of their choosing to come and meet with the Client in the hospital so they could validate her injuries and needs.

Amount in Excess of $1,000,000:

The Lenahan Law Firm secured more than $1,000,000 for SN after an auto accident that shattered his hip and caused other severe injuries.

The Lenahan Difference: the insurer made numerous errors in applying the Insurance Code that Mr. Lenahan was able to document in the Firm's demand that the insurer pay the full policy limits prior to a lawsuit needing to be filed.

Amount In Excess of $1,000,000:

The Lenahan Law Firm secured compensation for HS after a motorcycle accident caused spinal injuries requiring HS to have to learn how to walk again.

The Lenahan Difference: the case was referred to Mr. Lenahan by an attorney who, during the months he had the case, didn't realize that Kentucky law might govern. Mr. Lenahan immediately worked to resolve the matter for the full policy limits before anybody realized that the deadline for filing suit under Kentucky law might have expired before Mr. Lenahan was hired.

Amount of Almost $1,000,000:

The Lenahan Law Firm secured close to $1,000,000 for RA after a motorcycle accident caused by a dangerous driver shattered his leg.

The Lenahan Difference: the Defendant's insurer told Mr. Lenahan that it had $250,000 of insurance. Most attorneys in Texas would have resolved the case for that amount. But Mr. Lenahan suspected that there was other insurance that was not being disclosed, and he was right. He also caught the Defendant in lying about how the accident happened.

Amount In Excess of $900,000:

The Lenahan Law Firm secured more than $1,030,000 for SF and her family after a trucking accident left her with a shattered leg and other severe injuries.

The Lenahan Difference: the accident that hurt SF also caused damages to at least a dozen other people and businesses. But there was only a $1,000,000 insurance policy to be divided between everybody. The insurer's adjuster in California decided to place the $1,000,000 in Receivership. But Mr. Lenahan explained why, under Texas law, that was a mistake. He then negotiated payment of almost, but not all, of the $1,000,000 policy for his clients. Soon after, the trucking company went bankrupt.

Amount in Excess of $500,000:

Marc Lenahan secured confidential compensation for a fire suppression installer who suffered a spinal injury when working at an unsafe construction site.

The Lenahan Difference: on first impression, it was natural to blame the Client for his injuries. He had fallen down an elevator shaft during construction because he trusted that a cable would hold his weight. Mr. Lenahan inspected the location, deposed witnesses outside of Texas, and forced the Defendant's expert to admit that the cable should have been able to hold 10,000 pounds, but that sloppy welding caused the failure.

Amount in Excess of $500,000:

Marc Lenahan secured confidential compensation for two children molested by sexual abuser who lived down the street.

The Lenahan Difference: the father of one of the abused little girls was dying a slow death from cancer when he hired Mr. Lenahan. The case settled after Mr. Lenahan showed that the abuser's wife should have known how dangerous her husband was. Years later, when the father had just days to live, he asked Mr. Lenahan to come to the hospital. Once there, the father removed his breathing mask, thanked Mr. Lenahan again for helping his daughter years before, and asked for a promise that Marc would always be there for his family if they needed him.

Amount in Excess of $500,000:

Marc Lenahan secured confidential compensation for a young man who suffered a badly shattered leg in a trucking accident.

The Lenahan Difference: the Defendant blamed the Client, a favorite thing for them to do. But, during deposition of the Defendant, Mr. Lenahan caught him lying about his criminal history, driving history, drug use, and actions. Years later, Marc was invited to the Client's wedding where the young man who had suffered the shattered leg danced with his bride.

Amount of Approximately $450,000:

The Lenahan Law Firm secured about $450,000 for a construction worker who suffered a leg injury to a piece of construction equipment.

The Lenahan Difference: just days before the case was set for mediation, another injury attorney in town asked Mr. Lenahan to attend mediation as "the heavy hitter." The Defendant blamed the Client. Mr. Lenahan showed why the Jury would see through that, and why the insurance company needed to pay. They did.

Amount of Approximately $350,000:

The Lenahan Law Firm secured about $350,000 for a retiree who was hit by a child on a bicycle while walking the paths around White Rock Lake, breaking his arm severely.

The Lenahan Difference: the Child on the bicycle was a good kid, he just made a mistake. Nobody wanted to hurt the Child or tarnish his name in any way, so we worked closely with the adjuster for the Child's homeowner insurance and resolved the case without needing to file a lawsuit which could have caused a public record of his name.

Amount in Excess of $300,000:

Marc Lenahan secured greater than $300,000 for a client injured who had his arm broken in a forklift accident.

The Lenahan Difference: once again, the Defendant wanted to blame the Client. Mr. Lenahan showed that it was the forklift driver and the construction company that violated safety standards with their poor management and unpredictable actions.

Amount in Excess of $250,000:

Marc Lenahan secured confidential compensation for a construction worker who suffered partial paralysis in a terrible fall during a construction project.

The Lenahan Difference: before Mr. Lenahan was hired, the Client made him promise that if they received money from the case, that Mr. Lenahan would help him use that money to find the daughter he had abandoned over a dozen years before, as he wanted to make amends for wronging her. But the Client died before that could happen. Mr. Lenahan found her, took her to the funeral, re-introduced her to the family she never knew, and held her at graveside. She spent all evening with her found family and, the next morning, bought flowers for the grave of the man who wanted to make amends.

Amount in Excess of $250,000:

Marc Lenahan secured confidential compensation for a fire chief who suffered a neck injury in a trucking accident.

The Lenahan Difference: because life as a firefighter is so hard the body, the Defendant's attorney wanted to tell the Jury that all of the Client's injuries were from other events in his life. We proved that was not the case.

Amount in Excess of $250,000:

Marc Lenahan secured confidential compensation for a mother who suffered an injured leg in a golf cart accident.

The Lenahan Difference: the insurance policy that was properly applied was the insurance policy of one of the most powerful attorneys in the world, and he did not want to voluntarily disclose it because he did nothing wrong. But it also covered the actions of a young man who did make the mistake. Mr. Lenahan, by explaining that attorneys must be ethical, convinced him to disclose the insurance policy without having to sue the young man.

Amount in Excess of $250,000:

The Lenahan Law Firm secured confidential compensation for a welder who suffered burns in an oil field injury.

The Lenahan Difference: three men were burned when in an oil field accident. The most severely hurt of them was represented by another attorney who, we fear, failed to get as much compensation as we would have wanted him to have. Our client, on the other hand, was grateful for everything we did for him.

Amount in Excess of $250,000:

Marc Lenahan secured confidential compensation for a young lady who suffered a terrible brain injury after being hit by a driver on the cell phone.

The Lenahan Difference: far too often, the injury suffered is far more terrible than any amount of money we can find for the Client. That was the case when the Client suffered a terrible brain injury. However, with the money we did find, we set-up a Trust that would help the money go as far as possible in helping her.

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