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Client Testimonials

Read What Past Clients Have Said About Our Firm

Kathy Horvath

I was injured in Dallas, but I live in Tucson, Arizona. I was very apprehensive about finding a good Texas lawyer from nearly a thousand miles away. After searching on Avvo, I found Wes Black. I believe that hiring them for my severe injury case was the best possible decision I could have made. Wes showed great concern for my situation, and i never felt that my being so far from his office had any negative impact on my case. He got me an excellent settlement that covered all of my medical expenses including all necessary reconstructive and cosmetic procedures plus pain and suffering. He was a pleasure to work with, and he made an extremely difficult situation much easier to bear. I highly recommend Wes Black to anyone needing a good, compassionate personal injury lawyer.

Nikki Backman

I am a 20 year old female & I was in a car accident that was not my fault in January 2015. I had a broken scapula, & multiple broken vertebrae's in my spine. I had to have surgery & was hospitalized for a couple days. My parents & I contacted Lenahan Law Firm & they took my case. We were always in contact, even though we are 1,150 miles away from the firm. Any time we had questions, we got immediate responses. Every single time I contacted Marc, he got back to me in the same day! Also, Marc was genuinely concerned about everything I was going through as well as my recovery. There was never a "dumb" question, & believe me, we had MANY questions. He worked very hard to make sure that I was compensated financially for all that had happened to me. Also everyone else that was helping him with my case was so awesome & always the best help. We contacted Marc shortly after my accident in January 2015, I have now been compensated & it is August 2015, that was amazingly fast! I could not have asked for any better people or firm for my case. I would STRONGLY recommend Lenahan Law Firm for anybody!


Kathleen was amazingly helpful and patient with the many questions we had concerning our case. It was always reassuring to communicate with her during the period when she was negotiating on our behalf. Her professionalism and ability to explain the progress in plain English was indispensable and very much appreciated. She is certainly a valuable asset to the Lenahan Law Firm.

Blink T.

If you think you are hurt or injured- physically or psychologically and need a lawyer, then you better hurry up and call one. It's a simple idea, but I think a lot of times people worry about cost. Here's the deal, consultations should always be free and the personal injury lawyers don't get paid unless you get paid. Easy peasy.

My husband is a finance lawyer so our friends come to us a lot with all sorts of legal issues. Most of the time, the issues are not finance related so he's limited in how he can help. A lot of the questions involve personal injury....sometimes serious like medical malpractice and sometimes simple fender-benders...our go-to-referral is Marc Lenahan. He's sharp, tenacious and honest. Marc is relentless in helping his clients. If you have need for a personal injury lawyer, then you know that is exactly what you need. He doesn't take just any case, he takes the ones that matter. Marc is out to right the wrongs and get his clients taken care of...we respect that. Marc respects his clients. His track record of cases won speaks for itself. Without reservation or hesitation, we highly recommend you call Marc for a consultation.

Stacey R.

Ok, I called this attorney with questions about a recent car accident. Spoke with Kathleen, who was so nice & helpful & got a lot of great advice. If we do end up needing their services, we'll be happy to do so.

Chris T.

I'm an office manager for an attorney in Austin, Texas. Over my 16 years, I've seen it all, good and bad.
Recently, we needed the help of a specialist in personal injury. We contacted Marc. Marc Lenahan is as good as it gets. He's knowledgeable and professional, honest and cares about his clients. Thank you Marc.

Meagan M.

I called to ask some very specific questions about a car accident I was in. I spoke with Marc C. Lenahan who was incredibly helpful, honest, sincere, sent me some information via email. In this day were you can't talk to anyone without a deposit I hold this firm in the highest regards. They seem to really care about people in crisis that are confused and frustrated. I appreciate all that he did and said and would certainly recommend him to anyone who needs an attorney and will keep his information for myself.

Brent L.

"When looking for an attorney, I was quickly overwhelmed. I wasn't even convinced I needed one. I thought my insurance company would be on my side, since the other driver was at fault.

Boy was I naive.

I chose Marc Lenahan because his values seemed to line up with my own. He didn't want to sue the defendant out of existence, but also didn't want to only go for the "easy money." He is thoughtful and deliberate and knows the law very well.

One of the best benefits of selecting Marc is that you work directly with him, and not some assistant. He genuinely cares, and is very responsive. He would let us know if he was going to be unavailable for a day or two, and would always keep us posted on our status. Anytime my wife or I had a question, we would e-mail him and he was always quick to respond with a well thought out response explaining all of the benefits and liabilities with all the choices.

I genuinely count Marc as a friend now. I know without any doubt I wouldn't have been able to handle my situation on my own, and will always be grateful to Marc for his hard work. He alleviated my wife and I of 100% of the burden of dealing with our insurance companies, and allowed us to focus on healing.

If you found this review because you are injured and wondering if you should talk to a lawyer, your search is over. Give Marc a call. You'll thank me later."


I stumbled upon Lenahan Law through a Google search and just happened to get Wes on the phone when I called in. My luck, I'm in the Austin area and found an attorney in another city, but the whole Lenahan team worked to make it effortless even though we were 200 miles apart. Wes was a great help in my case. He was open and honest from the very first call I placed to him and was always quick with his phone or email replies to my questions. I would absolutely suggest having Wes represent you.


I was represented by Lenahan Law, specifically Paul "Wes" Black in a personal injury suit. I was basically given the cold shoulder by the insurance company responsible for my medical expenses and Wes helped out tremendously. The case was taken very seriously and took some time because of the stubbornness of the insurance company and their attorneys but we received in settlement more than expected and I attribute that to the dedication and zeal Wes exhibited in protecting his clients' rights. I have nothing but extreme thanks and appreciation for Lenahan Law in Dallas,Tx as well as their lead Appellate Attorney Paul "Wes" Black. I will definitely refer them as being the the most experienced, assertive and diligent firm I have ever worked with. 5 STARS dont do them justice! Thanks for all you have done, ron


"Kathleen was amazingly helpful and patient with the many questions we had concerning our case. It was always reassuring to communicate with her during the period when she was negotiating on our behalf. Her professionalism and ability to explain the progress in plain English was indispensable and very much appreciated. She is certainly a valuable asset to the Lenahan Law Firm."

"My experience with Kathleen Kearney and the entire team at Lenahan Law Firm has exceeded my expectations! I was so overwhelmed and stressed out by the whole process but Kathleen was truly an advocate for me. She took the time to personalize my service and never once did I feel like she was ever too busy to listen to me and my concerns no matter how big or small. Best of all, I had the assurance that she truly cared and wanted the best for me and my well being! Throughout the entire process she has been extremely informative and has always taken the time to follow up with me on a regular basis which I greatly appreciated. I can't say enough good things about this team and would highly recommend Kathleen Kearney and the team at Lenahan Law. Thank you again for everything!"


"When I search to find a lawyer, doctor etc. one of the biggest things with me is finding someone that is extremely knowledgeable in their respective field. The very close second to me is communication. Kathleen Kearney excels at both of my top two more than I could have ever expected. I have worked with other lawyers in the past that take weeks, and even MONTHS to reply to my emails or even pick the phone up to call me to give me an updated on my case. Kathleen rarely lets an hour go by without responding to my questions. This is simply astounding. To top off the fantastic communication is her knowledge at what she does. Everything I have ever asked was answered without any hesitation or with a "let me find out". She knew the answer and when you need a lawyer to fight on your side, this is a major plus.

If you are looking for a precise, knowledgeable, caring, responsive attorney to handle your case, Kathleen Kearney will end your search now.

Thank you SO MUCH for all your help Kathleen. I appreciate it more than you know."


Amazing! Fast, efficient, all the while keeping me updated. And most importantly, making me feel like family.
Exceeded any expectations I had of them in my car accident. Quick, efficient, and caring. Made me feel like a part of the family while they took care if me. Excellent advice and top notch service.


Professional And On The Ball...

I was in a hit and run automobile accident that was not my fault 9 months ago. I was in the hospital, my body was sore and bruised. I was wondering what I should do. My husband and I knew we could not handle all of the medical bills, insurance company, and all other wreck related issues ourselves. We had heard about Lenahan Law through a friend, and decided to go with Lenahan’s Nurse Attorney Kathleen Kearney. Since Ms. Kearney has a background in both nursing and law we felt she would be a great choice, and we were right! Kathleen worked very hard on our behalf trying to find out about the other party involved. Kathleen was constantly keeping us informed by e-mails and by phone about the progress of the case. She also managed to get a stubborn insurance company to cooperate. We couldn’t believe how easy Kathleen made this whole process.

We also dealt with the firm’s paralegal Michael Fitzgerald. Michael made sure that any paperwork we had to sign was necessary and that nobody short changed us. Mr. Fitzgerald also assisted Ms. Kearney with the large hospital bill. We were amazed on how much that bill was reduced. Thanks to Lenahan Law Firm, we received a settlement that was beyond our expectations. What seemed like it would take years to settle only took 9 months thanks to the team at Lenahan Law. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Client Review - “When you need a personal injury lawyer... he truly is the best”

Client Testimonial - “A law firm way beyond the pack”

Client Review - “An ideal team approach”

Client Review - “A lawyer who is a man of his word!"

Client Review - “Hands down the best lawyer/law firm”

Client Testimonial - “They actually care about their clients.”

Client Testimonial - “I highly recommend Lenahan Law Firm”

Client Review - “The Best!!! Enough Said!!”

Client Review - “Compassionate attorney”

Client Testimonial - Underinsured Automobile Accident

Client Review - “Experience, integrity & character”

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