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Blaming the Guy on the Motorcycle, but….

By Dallas Personal Injury Attorney on June 4, 2012

We recently took a deposition in a motorcycle injury case where our client suffered a badly broken leg. A deposition, just like a trial, is when a witness testifies under oath and is required to tell the truth. And just like at trial, witnesses often lie. Since this defendant’s testimony was shockingly inconsistent with the facts, I have not been able to stop wondering if the defendant lied, or had somebody suggest to it a false excuse, or really just remembered the facts all wrong, or what.

We began the deposition believing that the defendant entered the intersection with the intent of shooting all the way across six lanes of traffic with a median in the middle in one reckless motion, and that this plan caused the defendant to be too busy looking at the traffic on the far side of the median to notice that there was a motorcycle approaching in the center lane on the near side of the median.

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