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I’ve Been Negligently Injured. What Now?

By Dallas Personal Injury Attorney on December 12, 2012

At the Lenahan Law Firm, we speak to clients on a daily basis about the injuries that they have suffered. Whether they have been involved in a car accident at the hands of an intoxicated driver or they have become the victim of a sexual assault, many do not know what to do next. Being involved in an accident of any kind can be an overwhelming experience, and no one understands that better than the legal team at our firm. For this reason, we thought that it was important to touch on a few important steps that everyone should take after being injured in a negligently caused accident. Keeping these tips in mind may help you to protect your right to recover compensation in the future, so we encourage you to read on.

First and foremost, it is critical that you seek medical attention. Your health should be your number one priority, regardless of how minor you believe your injuries to be. Not only will this expedite your recovery, but it will also provide you with concrete evidence that can attest to the extent of the harm that you have suffered. Secondly, it is important to avoid making a statement or speaking about the circumstances of the accident with anyone other than a lawyer. All too often, we receive calls from victims that have made the mistake of talking to an insurance adjuster after an accident, and unfortunately, they have found that they are now being held partially or solely responsible for causing their own injuries.

It is an insurance company’s job to compensate a victim with as little money as they can get away with, so an adjuster may do whatever they can to manipulate an individual into giving a statement—which may give them leverage to disprove your future claims and/or show that you had a hand in causing the accident. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you consult with a Dallas personal injury attorney before saying anything that could potentially jeopardize your case. Finally, you should take steps to document and preserve any evidence involved in your case. This may be as simple as taking pictures with your cell phone of the scene of the accident—including any damage that was done to your property and your person.

Unfortunately, evidence may be cleared away, remedied or discarded if you do not act quickly, so if you are unable to do so on your own, it may also be a good idea to enlist the help of a lawyer who can take these steps on your behalf. The dedicated legal team at the Lenahan Law Firm is experienced in handling a wide variety of personal injury cases, from beginning to end, so you should not hesitate to find out how our firm can assist you. Call us toll-free at (888) 473-2820 to take advantage of a free consultation today.

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