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Welcome to our new Dallas Severe Personal Injury Blog: “The Whole Truth?”

By Dallas Personal Injury Attorney on May 21, 2012

Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz probably surprised and offended a great many people when he testified before the House Judiciary Committee in 1998: "I believe that no felony is committed more frequently in this country than the genre of perjury and false statements. Perjury during civil depositions and trials is so endemic that a respected appellate judge once observed that 'experienced lawyers say that, in large cities, scarcely a trial occurs in which some witness does not lie.' He quoted a wag to the effect that cases often are decided 'according to the preponderance of perjury.'" (

But he didn't surprise attorneys.

Welcome to our Blog — "The Whole Truth?" The aspiration of this Blog will be to explore and explain many of the ways that something less than "the whole truth" manifests itself in the law.

But we do not mean to imply that a discussion of perjury is the only goal. We are hopeful that we will be able to answer a range of questions to include:

  1. Why would a Judge intentionally Rule against somebody she knows is correct while trying to help them?
  2. Why might the lawyer of a severely injured man be obliged to permit the person who caused the injury to lie about why it happened?
  3. Why can't a lawyer for a paralyzed woman tell the jury that the person testifying against her is lying when he knows it?
  4. Why are judges and lawyers required to mislead a jury about attorneys' fees, health insurance, and medical bills?
  5. If perjury is so rampant, why is nobody ever prosecuted for it?
  6. How come so many people who need to find a personal injury lawyer think they are hiring somebody who practices in a very different way than they really do?
  7. Why do Texas laws favor businesses over individuals?
  8. How do insurance companies convince injured persons to take their offer without talking to an attorney?
  9. How come nobody tells the jury about Insurance?
  10. How come defense attorenys often meet with their clients for hours before their depositions?

And, of course, we'll provide many true examples of testimony and evidence that certainly seem to be less than "the whole truth."

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