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Helping Those Severely Injured in Serious Dallas Intersection Accidents

As young drivers, an intersection could be a terrifying prospect. There are multiple crossing lanes of traffic, signs, lights, and dozens of other drivers all impatiently waiting for their turn to go. Figuring out when you were legally allowed to proceed could be incredibly confusing and stressful. Of course, as you got older and gained more driving experience, intersections may have started to seem like old hat. However, younger you was right to be nervous about intersections, as they are one of the most dangerous areas of rode to drive on.

We at The Lenahan Law Firm choose to work with severely injured clients, as we believe it is incredibly important to give each client the time and attention they truly need and deserve. This means that we have worked with many intersection accident victims and have heard and seen just how devastating these collisions can be. If you or a loved one have been injured in a Dallas intersection accident, then you need the best representation in Texas. Call The Lenahan Law Firm at (214) 295-1008 for a free consultation and find out how much your case is worth.

How Intersection Accidents Happen

When two or more roads cross together, they create an intersection. In more rural areas, intersections may be completely devoid of traffic; however, in more populated areas, intersections are full of impatient drivers all watching for their opportunity to surge forward. This kind of intersecting traffic can be incredibly confusing on top of dangerous. If drivers are not paying close attention to other drivers, the traffic lights, any crossing pedestrians, and signs informing them of the right of way laws, then they can easily cause a serious accident.

In fact, driver error is the most common cause of collisions at intersections. Drivers, whether they be in cars, trucks, or motorcycles, must always be attentive to the road around them. When they become impatient at a red light, distracted by their phone, or even get behind the wheel while inebriated, they are far more likely to make a fatal mistake. While you may be paying proper attention and acting responsibly, the driver behind you could be speeding, putting you and others in serious danger. Make no mistake, intersection accidents are far more dangerous than the typical car collision.

The Dangers of Intersection Accidents

The main reason why intersection accidents are so dangerous is due to the large amounts of traffic. This added element means that any collision has the potential to lead to a larger accident and even a pile-up. For example, if the car behind you causes a rear-end collision, on a normal street you would likely not hit any other cars, meaning the worst of the impact would have been in the back, protecting you from more serious injuries. However, if you are waiting at a red light at an intersection, and the car behind you hits you, it could easily push you forward into the center of the intersection.

This push forward would leave you in the direct path of oncoming traffic. What started as a rear-end collision could quickly turn into a T-bone accident. A T-bone is when one car slams into the side of another, creating the shape of a T. This kind of accident is incredibly common at intersections, and usually happens when a driver runs a red light or makes an illegal turn. T-bones are particularly dangerous because the impact is often right where the driver or a passenger sits. There is little protection in the sides of a car, and those involved in T-bones often suffer catastrophic injuries.

That is precisely why an intersection accident is so dangerous. With crossing streams of traffic, any accident can leave you open to collisions from every side, including the parts of your car with the least protection for you and your passengers. That means that an intersection accident is far more likely to result in severe injuries than many other common kinds of auto collisions, including:

These injuries are no laughing matter. They can all take months to heal properly, and many will leave you with serious disabilities that could have an extremely detrimental impact on your quality of life. You may be forced to leave your career, rely on medical machines for your health, and might even find yourself losing your independence. In addition, intersection collisions are often fatal, costing people their lives and loved ones. In either case, an intersection accident is not something you can just walk off.

Recovering Damages After After a Crash

On top of the emotional and physical damage that a Dallas intersection accident can cause, you may also find yourself facing serious medical bills and lowered wages as a result of your injuries. It can be hard to know just how to recover financially from something so unexpected and sudden. Thankfully, the Texas legislature understands the hardship than an accident can leave someone in and has a way for accident victims to recover proper compensation: filing a personal injury claim.

When you file a claim, you file it against the at-fault driver’s insurance or against your own uninsured motorist policy if the at-fault driver is uninsured. The first step of this process, besides determining just who is liable, is figuring out how much you would be willing to settle for. To do this, you can start with your economic damages. This category of damages includes all financial losses you have suffered due to the accident, including medical bills, lost wages, and property damage. To calculate your economic damages, you should hold on to every bill, receipt, pay stub, and quote that relates to the accident, and then add up the total you have spent and lost.

Once you have your total economic damages amount, you can start calculating your non-economic damages. This second category allows you to receive compensation for your physical and emotional suffering. Common non-economic damages you can claim include pain and suffering, emotional trauma, and lowered quality of life. Knowing how much to claim for when it comes to non-economic damages can be difficult, as there is no real price that can be put on the emotional and physical fallout of a serious accident. However, with a skilled Dallas intersection accident attorney offering you guidance, you can come to a number that works for you and your needs.

The Dallas Intersection Accident Lawyers at The Lenahan Law Firm Want to Help

Since 2007, The Lenahan Law Firm has worked with the severely injured and know just how debilitating intersection accidents can be for the victims. They leave behind scars, disabilities, and extreme emotional trauma. Which is exactly why all victims should be given proper compensation. If you or someone you loved has suffered severe injuries due to an intersection accident, then you need the help of an experienced Dallas car accident injury attorney. At The Lenahan Law Firm, we have years of experience working with catastrophically injured clients and offer free consultations, so that you can decide if we are the law firm for you. For excellent legal help, call us at (214) 295-1008 today.

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