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Bicycle Injuries In Denton County

Bike accidents are more common than what people realize and they often involve another vehicle such as a car, truck, or motorcycle. When bicycle accidents occur, they can result in serious injuries due to the lack of protection available to people when riding. That is why it is always recommended that people should wear a helmet.

Denton County is a popular city with many motorists increasing the likelihood of a bicycle accident. After being involved in a bicycle accident you need to enlist the help of The Lenahan Law Firm who specialize in helping you to claim compensation for your accident, if another person is at fault.

Hiring The Lenahan Law Firm is important to ensure you get the best service and advice, with many years of experience they can ensure that you get the money you deserve.

Who Is Responsible?

There are many reasons why bicycle accidents can occur in Denton County. The first main reason is due to drivers. Drivers will often have difficulty seeing a cyclist on the road which may result in them turning and cutting off a cyclist causing an incident. Drivers also get easily distracted and they may not notice if a cyclist is riding next to them or in front of them. Weather conditions also play a role in whether a driver will be able to see a cyclist, if it is night time or raining the best practice is to ride with a light on and a reflective vest.

Another danger to cyclists are hazardous roads, these may include gravel roads, windy roads, or roads that are in poor condition. Parked cars can also be an issue for those biking as passengers have a tendency to open a car door without looking. This can lead to being knocked off of a bike by going over the handlebars, or crashing due to having to brake quickly.

What Injuries Can Result From Bicycle Accidents?

There are an abundance of different injuries someone might suffer from because of a bike accident. These may include:

If you suffer from any of these injuries due to a bicycle accident, they may lead to long term consequences and the medical treatment will be costly.

What Should You Do After You Were Involved in an Accident?

The first thing that you should always do after being in a Denton County bike accident is to seek medical attention, even if you appear to be fine, you may suffer from internal injuries that are not visible until you have been medically examined. You should also follow any medical advice that a professional gives you as this will ensure that you are able to heal and recover to the fullest extent possible.

If you are in a reasonable condition to be able to do so, assessing the scene of the accident along with the details of the person who is responsible assists in understanding how the accident occurred, and who caused it.

Why You Need To Consult a Denton County Bike Accident Lawyer

The Lenahan Law Firm will be able to assess your case by investigating the cause of the accident and the liability of the person who is responsible. This will include talking to witnesses, collecting physical evidence, and building a well-informed case. By doing this, The Lenahan Law Firm will be ensuring that you are able to seek compensation for not only your medical bills, but for other losses that may have been caused as a result of the accident.

A Denton County personal injury lawyer will help by assisting you with the process of filing a personal injury application, as well as supporting you right from the beginning until you have recovered financially.

At The Lenahan Law Firm they strive to make this an easy, stress free process so you can continue to enjoy your livelihood. If you want compensation for your full recovery, get in contact with The Lenahan Law Firm at (214) 295-1008 so that you can continue to heal and enjoy life.

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