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Free Parents & Teen Drivers Group Safety Conference

You're Invited, It is Totally FREE, It Can Save Lives, & We've Got T-Shirts Logo

Here's how it works. You gather between eight and fourteen people -- teen drivers and at least one parent or guardian for each -- and tell us when you'd like to come by the office for the conference. Tuesdays and Thursdays tend to work well for us, but we're flexible.

Everybody Gets a Free T-Shirt

Yep, teens and parents who graduate ( i.e., don't throw stuff at us and leave) all get a free t-shirt with the logo on the front. They come in gray and pink, and were designed by a dude in Portugal who does great work, so teens aren't even embarrassed to wear them.

Lots of Parents Aren't the Ones Teaching their Kids to Drive

Maybe Mom would be a nervous mess if she had to sit in the shotgun seat when her child tried to merge on to 35 for the first time. Maybe your son doesn't want his folks anywhere near him as he tries squeezing into a parking spot. For a lot of us, at least one parent is nowhere near the car when the child is learning.

But just because one parent was not around to dig their fingers into the dashboard while your teen was putting their Learner's Permit to use, doesn't mean that they don't have a ton to teach their kid about how to stay safe on the roads. Whether that is the case for y'all or not, there is more to teaching your kids about driving than what they'll be taught from behind the wheel or in a Driver's Ed class.

Come on down and we'll make a conversation out of it. Maybe you'll have a few stories to share. Maybe your kids will. But everybody will have plenty of thoughts to share and things to learn.

Some Things We Want Your Kids to Know That They Probably Won't Hear in Driver's Ed

  • What's the first thing they should do when they get in the car? (Putting on the seatbelt is the second thing, not the first.)
  • What is it about Dallas-area HOV lanes that is more lethal than most and what you should know to stay safer?
  • When does a widow not want her husband's personal belongings back after an accident?
  • What will your kid be doing when they are most likely to hit a pedestrian?
  • What are the odds that an 18-wheeler is safe?
  • What kinds of insurance really stink?
  • What things are worse than driving drunk?
  • Why are some people's legs shattered in relatively minor accidents?
  • What is it really like to be paralyzed?
  • When is the "2-Second Rule" deadly?
  • What kinds of cars does the coroner buy for his family?
  • What kind of macho vehicle is safer for your daughter to drive than for your son?

Come on Down!

No, we're not going to scar your child for life with the horrible photos we have (and we sure have plenty). But maybe, with your help, we can all talk about something that will save their life or the life of somebody else who also has a lot to live for.

As personal injury lawyers, we really are experts in this stuff, and we learned it all the hard way. But we can share it with y'all the easy way. With a little luck, it will be a pleasant and enlightening hour or two for all of us.