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Actions to Take after a Motorcycle Accident With Injuries

There are a high number of serious injury crashes involving motorcycles in the Dallas area. The motorcyclist is often very severely or fatally injured, and will be transported from the scene by emergency responders, and will then usually face long term medical care and treatment, if the injuries were not fatal. The danger of permanent and catastrophic injury is extremely high, including injuries such as traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries as well as severe knee, shoulder and hip injuries, internal injuries and other severe injuries.

Any person injured in such an accident should immediately get legal representation from a highly skilled Dallas motorcycle injury lawyer with experience in successfully resolving motorcycle accident injury cases. At The Lenahan Law Firm, our legal team has gained a reputation throughout the Dallas area for our exceptional results in cases of serious injury. You can read about our actual cases to get more information.

The firm only takes on personal injury claims that involve severe or fatal injuries. We are respected, professional, and we stand ready to assist the severely injured and their families to pursue compensation and justice in motorcycle accident cases. Call (214) 295-1008 for more information.

Investigation of the Motorcycle Collision

The first issue to address is to obtain and preserve the evidence to support the claim. As there is a great deal of confusion in any wreck, there can be important witnesses and other pieces of supporting evidence that must be obtained before the opportunity is lost.

We move ahead immediately to ensure that all of the necessary evidence is preserved. This could include engaging the services of an independent accident investigator in some cases. In other cases it is clear that a vehicle driver failed to exercise reasonable care for the safety of others while operating their vehicle, which is most often the case. Unfortunately, motorcyclists are at a high risk of severe injury, even when the impact takes place at slow speeds.

The average speed of a motorcycle that is involved in an injury accident is reported to be 29 mph - not at high speeds. As the motorcyclist can be thrown into oncoming traffic, there are often issues involving secondary impact, leading to further serious injuries. When the injured victim can recover fully, it could take months or even years to regain good health.

In other tragic cases, there is little hope that the injured person will enjoy life as prior to the crash. Long term medical care and treatment, as well as loss of ability to work or function in life demands that the maximum possible compensation is recovered. The costs of long term treatment and care will be incredibly expensive; the costs involved in an expected lifetime of care must be carefully calculated to determine the amount of compensation that should be pursued by your Dallas motorcycle accident attorney.

The Team Approach at The Lenahan Law Firm

Our firm works as a team in the motorcycle and moped accident cases we take on. As these can be very complex cases, involving extensive damages. It requires the full dedication of a highly professional law firm to get these matters settled successfully. Our team approach has led to a large number of very high settlements, and our goal is to make it possible for our injured client to have the best possible care and treatment, as well as other needs, fully paid for by the negligent party. The needs of the severely injured motorcycle accident victim are often long term.

When a spinal cord injury has led to paralysis, a life is forever changed, and the injured person will be facing great challenges both personally and in maintaining good health. These include issues such as having the right equipment, a home that has been altered so that it is easier to navigate, and ongoing treatments to maintain blood circulation and other issues, as well as learning how to manage life with lost abilities.

We know how tough these serious injury situations are, and we are prepared to assist you to pursue the compensation that best reflects the actual damages, both now and throughout your lifetime. Call (214) 295-1008.

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