Damages from Murder, Homicide & Terrorism

Many victims of terroism and other violent crimes feel helpless and violated. Dealing with emotional and physical trauma is extremely overwhelming. No one should have to worry about financial security in the wake of such distressing event.

The Lenahan Law Firm has helped many families obtain maximum compensation so that they could eventually move on with their lives. We are wholly dedicated to our clients and to fighting on their behalf. Also, we believe in what we do and are devoted to obtaining excellent results for those that have suffered dearly.

We take terroism related injuries and criminal wrongful death very seriously and have an extensive background in the area of crime victim rights. This fact is a benefit to our clients because laws and cases regarding terrorist activity can become complex and it is best to hire an attorney with experience specific to terrorism.

Contact The Lenahan Law Firm today if you or a loved one has been the victim of terrorism, murder, or homicide!

Was Your Loved One Killed in an Act of Terrorism?

Terrorism has resulted in the tragic deaths of many individuals on American soil and otherwise. Terrorist attacks are an unfortunate reality for many individuals on a daily basis. Losing a loved one to terrorist activity is possibly the most difficult thing for a family to endure. In many cases, those that commit terrorism would not have been able to carry it out without the financing of certain companies or governments.

Our firm has held these individuals and corporations responsible for sponsoring these heinous acts. If you or a member of your family has been injured or wrongfully killed due to terrorist activity, you have a right to be outraged. You also have the right to demand compensation for the physical and emotional damage of the attack with the help of an injury attorney.

What Damages Can Victims of Terroism & Crime Recover?

Terrorist and homicide victims can seek compensation for injuries, lost wages, lost future wages, pain and suffering, mental and physical impairment and more. You don't have to accept this wrongful conduct. Although no amount of compensation can help lessen the pain you have been put though, handling your case with a Dallas personal injury lawyer can help prevent further damage from being done to your future and may help thwart terrorist and criminal activities that could destroy lives.

Serving the Families of Terrorism & Homicide in Dallas, TX

We have a team of Dallas personal injury attorneys who knows what it takes to fight on behalf of victims who have suffered injury and loss caused by criminals. Attorney Marc Lenahan has been chosen to serve as the 2013 President-Elect for the National Crime Victim Bar Association, for which he will serve as President in 2014.

Contact us so we can meet with you and discuss possible resolutions for your case.


  • Lenahan Law Firm I know without any doubt I wouldn't have been able to handle my situation on my own, and will always be grateful to Marc for his hard work.
  • Lenahan Law Firm They seem to really care about people in crisis that are confused and frustrated!
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  • Lenahan Law Firm Without reservation or hesitation, we highly recommend you call Marc for a consultation.
  • Lenahan Law Firm Kathleen was amazingly helpful and patient with the many questions we had concerning our case!
  • Lenahan Law Firm They were genuinely concerned about everything I was going through as well as my recovery!
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