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Oil Rig, Oil Field, & Oil Truck Injury Attorney in Dallas

How Do These Accidents Happen?

Oil field in Dallas

We've found our way to patches 30 miles deep into ranches on the boarder and to oil rigs just up the highway. But whether the injury occurs 140 feet off ground or 20 stories above the ocean, the ability of the oil rig lawyers to focus matters. Oil rig companies have massive resources and they often fight dirty. They like to blame the victim.

But we've been able to help a roughneck hurt during a rig-down, the family of a company man who burned to death, a geologist who had trailer parts fall on him, and citizens hurt by rig company's on the road. Offshore oil and gas drilling presents many hazards to workers and can be far more dangerous than drilling on land.

The facilities used for oil drilling must be kept up to safety regulations, and if these are violated in any way, the result can be serious and life-threatening personal injury for workers. Offshore oil platforms can be extremely dangerous work environments. Dangers for those working on offshore oil fields include severe sea storms, inclement weather, explosions, fires, faulty construction and more. When an accident takes place over water, maritime laws apply. The personal injury attorney that you hire to assist you must be experienced in this area of law in order to fully assist you. Maritime law can become complex and it is important that your attorney is capable of recovering the compensation that you are due within the frame of maritime law.

Work with an Experienced Dallas Injury Lawyer

Our firm is ready to assist clients who were seriously injured in maritime accidents, on an offshore rig, on the patch, or by an oil company's trucks. The types of injuries sustained on an oil rig can be extremely serious. It is important that the correct procedure is put into motion right away so that your compensation is not denied. There is a statute of limitations to maritime law claims and you may be prevented from going to court after a certain amount of time. So don't wait to hire a Dallas personal injury lawyer right away.

Personal Injury Lawyer Serving Dallas

Our Dallas personal injury attorneys can handle maritime law and focus exclusively on severe injury. In this way we are able to devote our firm to injured individuals that deserve the highest quality help.

Please do not hesitate to call our firm so that a Dallas personal injury attorney can speak with you about your case immediately.