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Dallas Airport Premises Liability: Compensation for Injury

Many citizens of Dallas rely on air travel to get them from A to B. Whether it is visiting relatives, returning to college, or going on vacation, thousands of travellers pass in and out of airports on a daily basis. It is, therefore, not a surprise that accidents will happen to some of those passengers. If you have been injured as a result of the negligence of the airport staff, or the maintenance of the airport itself, you could have a right to pursue compensation against the facility.

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Causes of Accidents

There are many different moving parts to airports and airlines and many different ways that accidents can occur. In the airport itself, accidents can be caused by defective escalators, moving sidewalks, or slips on the tarmac. Other possible causes include slipping on the boarding ramp, injuries by luggage retrieval, or electric carts and other airport vehicles, or falling on a staircase. Inadequate security may also lead to injuries due to violence.

There are other potential injuries caused by the airplane itself. You may be injured by inadequately secured items in overhead bins, or a failure to warn about turbulence.

What Kind of Injuries May Be Sustained?

Depending on the accident, there will be a wide range of injuries that may be sustained. This includes broken bones or more serious injuries, such as brain injuries from hitting your head or something falling on it. Many of these injuries can result in life-altering and long-term consequences.

Who is Responsible?

The manager of an airport has a responsibility to keep the premises safe from conditions that may be dangerous and cause travelers harm. However, the manager will only be liable if, through its agents or employees, the manager knew or reasonably should have known about the dangerous conditions and did nothing about it, then they will be responsible. This, therefore, means that the airport manager cannot be held liable for every injury that occurs at the airport.

If the accident occurs on a Dallas airplane due to the airline’s negligence, then the airline will generally be liable for the injuries, not the airport manager. However, there may be situations when both the airline and the airport manager will be liable. It is important to make sure you are including the right defendant in your lawsuit because the court could dismiss your suit if it is the wrong entity which would result in you losing your right to pursue damages. The Lenahan Law Firm is experienced in these matters and will be able to determine the correct person or party to name as the defendant in your lawsuit.


To assess your case and pursue your claim for compensation, we will need to gather all evidence that you have from the accident. We will need to know exactly where it occurred, what happened, and the extent of your injuries to be able to form a case for compensation. It is generally clear that the airline is responsible for accidents that occur in its own planes. However, accidents that occur in the airport itself or on the tarmac require careful investigation by experienced Dallas premises liability lawyers.

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