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Passing by a semi-truck is already a dangerous job. But tanker trucks can be even more hazardous out on the road. Depending on the type of cargo being transported, tanker-truck accidents can result in fires, explosions, toxic exposure, and other issues if dangerous chemicals are involved.

If you or a family member was injured by a tanker truck, you may be entitled to compensation. Even if the trucker is completely to blame, his insurance company will fight tooth and nail to pay you as little as possible. Our team of Dallas truck accident attorneys will fight on your behalf for the compensation you deserve. Contact us today at (214) 295-1008 to receive a free consultation.

The Dangers of an Overloaded Tanker Truck or Spill

Trucks are very large vehicles that require extensive training to operate. No matter what type of cargo they are transporting, truck drivers must be alert and diligent about performing their job correctly. This is even more true for tanker trucks. Many tankers transport hazardous and flammable chemicals, which can create a dangerous situation for other vehicles out on the road.

Here are the special dangers of tankers:

  • Hazardous chemicals. Tanker trucks often transport highly flammable and explosive liquids, such as petroleum products – especially in Texas. These types of materials are dangerous when released into the environment and can cause fires or explosions, which can cause burns and other severe injuries to pedestrians, other drivers and passengers, and first responders.
  • Spills or leaks. If the tank is damaged or not closed all the way, hazardous chemicals may leak out onto the road and create a hazard for those around them.
  • Partially filled tanks. The liquid inside a tanker truck may slosh around if the tank is less than three-quarters full. This can cause extra motion within the truck, which may cause the truck driver to lose control of the vehicle.
  • Rollover accidents. Because of the shape and size of a tanker truck, these vehicles are more susceptible to rollovers, which can lead to severe injuries and chemicals spills.
  • Chemical burns. Victims of tanker-truck spills may suffer severe burns because of the chemicals involved. Chemical seepage into the ground after an accident can even cause burns and other problems for individuals not involved with the immediate accident for years afterward.

Types of Tanker-Truck Collisions

Like other types of trucks, tanker trucks may be involved in several types of accidents due to their immense size and difficulty steering. Tanker-truck collisions may include:

  • T-bone accidents. T-bone collisions occur when the front of a vehicle collides into the side of another vehicle. This type off accident is most common at intersections when at least one driver is not obeying traffic laws and signals.
  • Rear-end collision. This type of accident occurs when the front bumper of one vehicle collides with the rear end of another vehicle. This can happen when drivers do not leave enough space between their cars and the cars in front of them, which leaves too little room to make a complete stop at a traffic light or stop sign.
  • Jackknife accident. A jackknife accident occurs when the two separate parts of a truck (the cargo section and the cab section) fold in on themselves after the driver loses control of the vehicle. This is especially dangerous when a tanker truck is involved because of the type of material being transported.
  • Runaway truck. A truck that loses the ability to brake is referred to as a runaway truck and poses severe danger to other drivers, passengers, and pedestrians who are out on the road. A runaway truck may occur due to poor maintenance, a fatigued trucker, or other problems.

Who Is Liable in the Event of a Tanker-Truck Accident?

If you or a family member was injured in a tanker-truck accident, you may be entitled to compensation. Tanker-truck accidents can lead to personal injury or wrongful death. Costly medical bills and lost wages are just some of the financial burdens faced by truck crash victims.

Whether the accident was caused by a negligent trucker or a lack of oversight by the truck company, the Dallas tanker truck accident attorneys at The Lenahan Law Firm will negotiate on your behalf for the compensation you deserve. Call our office today at (214) 295-1008 for a free consultation.

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