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Are Drivers Who are High Safer Than Those Who are Drunk?

By Dallas Personal Injury Attorney on May 1, 2015

DUI while High or DrunkAs more states are legalizing the use of marijuana, the question has come up: “Is driving while high as dangerous as driving while drunk?” It is a valid question and one that certainly deserves an answer in light of the frequent drug usage throughout the country.

Recent studies have addressed this very issue by attempting to calculate the risk level of driving under the influence of drugs. The results indicate that drunk driving is still much more dangerous than driving while high. Even still, driving under the influence of drugs is by no means risk-free.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration performed a 20-month survey of drivers to determine the risk level of both drunk driving and drugged driving. The data showed that the risk of crashing while driving with a blood alcohol concentration of .05 percent or above is nearly seven times higher than the risk of crashing while sober. But after taking various factors into account for the risk of crashing while under the influence of marijuana, the risk almost disappeared for drugged drivers.

What Does This Mean for Drivers Today?

These studies are not encouraging drivers to get behind the wheel with drugs in their system. After all, researchers voiced their concerns that more definitive conclusions can still be obtained about the risk of drug usage and car accidents.

What it is saying, however, is that drivers need to be careful no matter what substance is in their system. There is no excuse for driving while impaired and those that do should and will be held accountable for their actions.

Car accidents occur every day because of the negligence of drivers, both young and old. The devastating effects of driving while impaired can wreak havoc on the lives of innocent individuals. If you are suffering because someone got behind the wheel while impaired, give your pain a voice. Contact a Dallas car accident attorney at Lenahan Law Firm today at (214) 295-1008 for the legal advocacy you need.

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