Accomplished Dallas Severe Injury Attorneys

For over two decades, severely injured families have called Marc after the worst tragedies. If you reach out now for the free call, together we'll size-up your options, recommend what we see as the most promising path forward, and then follow your marching orders as we try to secure the best possible measure of justice for you.

Broken Bones, Emergency Surgery & Everything Worse

We believe that lawyers do a better job for their clients when they are focused. We focus on three things at The Lenahan Law Firm:

  • Limiting the amount of clients we take on.
  • Attorneys with specific & complementary skills.
  • Only representing clients with severe injuries.

So what do we mean by "severe" injuries?

The quick answer is that if you or a loved-one required emergency surgery, suffered a broken bone, or anything worse—wrongful death, burns, paralysis, brain injury, etc.—we consider what you're suffering from to be a severe injury. And never, never, never evaluate whether or not you need an attorney based on how much money or insurance you “think” there is, or how much an insurance company claims there is. If an insurance agent tells you, “You’ll end up with less if you hire an attorney,” there is no reason to believe them. It is impossible to know what’s true and what’s not until you’ve caught as many insurance companies and defendants in lies as we have.

How Is Your Firm Any Different From Other Law Firms?

We've learned that most people who are looking for a severe injury law firm have no idea how extraordinarily vast the differences between law firms can be. A prospective client with an important injury case will find a never-ending list of lawyers wanting to serve. That list will include all kinds: criminal lawyers, divorce lawyers, lawyers who do a little bit of everything, and billboard injury firms with massive marketing programs that force each lawyer in their firm to handle 200, 300, 600 or more cases. Certainly not all, but far too many personal injury lawyers have well over 100 clients per attorney.

The Lenahan Law Firm Is Not Like Any Of Those Firms.

First, we accept the representation of ONLY the severely injured and those who have lost a loved one to wrongful death. Helping those who have suffered through a catastrophic event that caused a loved one's wrongful death, a brain injury, paralysis, emergency surgery, and other types of severe injuries, is all we do.

Second, we only represent a select number of clients at any one time. We believe that representing clients with such life-changing injuries requires and deserves personal attention. We understand that each case is unique, and we never know what any one client's case will ask of us. Our cases frequently require battling a courtroom full of insurance lawyers, and we focus on every fight.

You've seen enough suffering and injustice. You're ready to choose your teammates to fight with you to change that.

What if my case did not happen in Dallas?

You may be wondering whether or not it will be problematic to be located far from Dallas. The answer is absolutely not. First, we represent clients in every corner of Texas, and every acre of North Dakota, from our Dallas office. You shouldn't be surprised if Marc personally travels over a thousand miles to visit the scene of your injury before he has even asked you to sign a contract to make it official. Oh, and we have never asked a client to reimburse us for the costs we invest in coming to meet you and study the location before we are hired to be your lawyers. Learn more About Lenahan Law Firm's Worldwide Reach

Dallas Personal Injury Lawyers Who Stand with You

Wondering if you might benefit from hiring an attorney? Consider the case listed above where the total recovery was $6,504,961 with $2,738,046 in fees and expenses. First, the family was told that $50,000 was "all there is." Then we were told there was $1,000,000, but that it didn't apply and that they’d never pay. A year later, another $5,000,000 policy was discovered. If the family had taken the original $50,000 when they were told, “That’s all there is,” they would have received no real measure of justice. But because the family called us, even though the insurance company told them there was no reason to call an attorney, we secured real justice and exposed a scheme that was killing innocents.

Because our firm was able to secure such a large recovery, we were able to use the family's tragedy to save others from being killed in the same way. Knowing that their case was used to help others brings the family even more peace than knowing that their result was one of the largest in the State.

“Hiring this firm for my severe injury case was the best possible decision!”
- Kathy Horvath

“I know without any doubt I wouldn't have been able to handle my situation on my own, and will always be grateful to Marc for his hard work.”
- Brent L.