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Are Motorcycles Really That Much More Dangerous Than Cars?

By Dallas Personal Injury Attorney on December 14, 2023

Motorcycles have long been associated with a sense of freedom, adventure, and a rebellious spirit. However, riders are burdened by stereotypes and clichés about motorcycles being inherently dangerous.

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When a Motorcycle Passenger is Injured in an Accident

By Dallas Personal Injury Attorney on June 30, 2022

If you or a loved one has been injured in a Dallas motorcycle accident while riding as a passenger, you are a victim regardless of who is at fault. This can be a difficult situation because more often than not, people have a close relationship with the person driving the motorcycle, so claiming compensation from the at-fault driver’s insurance may seem a bit uncomfortable.

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What is Biker’s Arm?

By Dallas Personal Injury Attorney on May 29, 2022

Riding on a motorcycle is an inherently dangerous activity. It can be fun, but it definitely does not come without risk. Bikers must contend with poor road conditions, heavy traffic, and reckless drivers. Due to their two-wheel frame, and lack of protection for the rider, motorbikes are just not designed to absorb some of the damage from crashes as cars and trucks are

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Holding Truck Drivers Accountable for Motorcycle Accidents

By Dallas Personal Injury Attorney on July 28, 2021

Anytime a big rig is mishandled, there is a high chance it will end up in a catastrophic accident. Truckers need to be focused, experienced, and prepared to respond to dangerous road conditions at all times. While truck drivers are trained to handle themselves on long highway roads or packed city streets with smaller cars, they must also pay attention to the safety of motorcycle riders. As the least-protected group on the road, bikers are frequently disrespected by other drivers, and that bias has contributed to numerous fatal collisions.

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The Danger of Infection After a Motorcycle Accident

By Dallas Personal Injury Attorney on April 21, 2021

Motorcyclists lack the protection of an enclosed vehicle. Thus, they are vulnerable to serious injuries in a collision. Many injuries that bikers sustain involve open wounds, which allow bacteria to enter the body. For this reason, bikers face an extra danger after a motorcycle crash and should keep an eye out for any signs of infection.

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The Dangers of Dooring Accidents

By Dallas Personal Injury Attorney on December 26, 2020

When riding a bike or a motorcycle, most bikers know to keep their eyes open for nearby traffic. After all, cars are much larger, heavier, and more powerful than bikes, which means most any collision will result in the cyclist getting injured. However, one danger that many forget is dooring. Dooring is a serious problem, one that many car drivers and passengers are completely unaware of. So let’s all be a little safer with this knowledge. And if you were injured in a Dallas dooring accident, here’s what you should know about filing a personal injury claim.

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Better Motorcycle Safety Gear Is On Its Way

By Dallas Personal Injury Attorney on February 22, 2020

Over and over, bikers have called on The Lenahan Law Firm after one of their brothers or sisters was cut-off, bumped, rear-ended, t-boned, or otherwise wrongfully put in the hospital or worse.  Having been to so many bedsides and gravesides, we’re always interested in seeing the roads becoming safer for those who ride.

Some new safety gear is catching our eye.

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Motorcycle Safety Tips for Motorists in Automobiles

By Dallas Personal Injury Attorney on August 5, 2015

Motorcycle AccidentWhen you are traveling the freeways of Texas, you need to always be aware of the environment around you and driving as responsibly and safely as you can. Otherwise, you could be putting yourself and those around you in serious danger. Motorcyclists are especially vulnerable to the mistakes of other motorists, as any collision could cause them to suffer catastrophic damage.

When you are in your car, keep these tips in mind to avoid a dangerous collision with a motorcycle:

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Have You Been Involved in a Motorcycle Accident?

By Dallas Personal Injury Attorney on May 10, 2013

Motorcycles are becoming increasingly popular; however, riding a motorcycle is a very dangerous way to travel. Motorcycle riders are 30 times more likely to be killed in an accident than drivers in a car or truck. Also, 40% of all motorcycle accidents happen when the motorcyclist is riding straight on the road and another vehicle turns into them.

The devastating statistics continue; between 1966 and 2000, more than 100,000 motorcyclists were killed in accidents on the road. The protection that motorcyclists have is minimal, and they are very susceptible to the environment around them. It is extremely important to take safety precautions in order to prevent accidents.

Some suggestions to keep in mind before riding your motorcycle are:

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Blaming the Guy on the Motorcycle, but….

By Dallas Personal Injury Attorney on June 4, 2012

We recently took a deposition in a motorcycle injury case where our client suffered a badly broken leg. A deposition, just like a trial, is when a witness testifies under oath and is required to tell the truth. And just like at trial, witnesses often lie. Since this defendant’s testimony was shockingly inconsistent with the facts, I have not been able to stop wondering if the defendant lied, or had somebody suggest to it a false excuse, or really just remembered the facts all wrong, or what.

We began the deposition believing that the defendant entered the intersection with the intent of shooting all the way across six lanes of traffic with a median in the middle in one reckless motion, and that this plan caused the defendant to be too busy looking at the traffic on the far side of the median to notice that there was a motorcycle approaching in the center lane on the near side of the median.

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