This scholarship is now CLOSED. Thank you to all who applied.
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We know that there are awesome students right in our Law Firm’s backyard who could thrive at college, but who will have a hard time making the best run at getting admitted into the best schools for them.

Between testing fees, application fees, and deposits, the costs can get in the way, fast. Some students might apply to too few schools, take too few tests, or lock themselves into the first offer they receive because deposits can add up. Some may not even apply at all because they don’t want to burden their families with more bills. We get it.

Well, for each of our five nearby public high schools, we’ll fund one aspiring student’s efforts at getting INTO college, up to $1,000.00. SAT fees once or twice? Yep, we’ll cover that. ACT fees once or twice? Yep. A handful of application fees? Absolutely. Deposits at legit schools that offer a spot? Be THRILLED to. We’re good for up to $1,000.00, and we’ll figure out how to spend that money together, on things that help each student make the most of their admissions efforts.

Once a student is admitted, there are lots of programs to help with the tuition and living expenses. But, first, the student needs to be admitted. Our goal is to help five aspiring students each year get there.

Some scholarships require the applicants to jump through a lot of hoops. Not the Lenahan Law Launcher-ship. Getting on our list is extremely easy. See that form at the bottom of the page? That’s the entire application.

Once we have a list, we’ll try to contact each school’s counselors’ office and choose the recipients. This program is NOT about grades, or extracurriculars, or anything like that. It is just about helping some students make the most of their chance at getting into the right college for them. That’s why we call it a LAUNCHER-ship, not a scholarship.

The five eligible schools are:

The application deadline is April 28th, 2020, and the student must currently be a sophomore to apply. Got something better to do with the next 60 seconds of your life? Apply!

Scholarship Details

Amount Awarded:
April 28, 2020
Recipients Announced:
May 5, 2020