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Whether your case will be resolved in negotiations with an insurance company, or by the verdict of a jury, you will be judged by your choice of a law firm. If you retain a law firm that is dishonest, motivated by money, or that is not truly dedicated to their clients, there will be no way to hide that fact. And if you choose a law firm that embraces the truth, honors the law, and takes their clients into their heart, you have given justice its best chance.

Marc's Reputation

Marc Lenahan has secured notable results under Texas, Florida and Kentucky law before suit, during litigation, and at trial. These results would not have been possible if, at any moment, the insurance company's attorneys had feared that Marc Lenahan was not a man of his word.

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Mr. Lenahan proves his integrity at every turn. First, he represents only the severely injured, so there is never a doubt about the importance of the loss. Second, instead of working to conceal the facts of a case, Mr. Lenahan works to share them. Finally, when Mr. Lenahan has extended fair opportunities to resolve cases, and that opportunity was ungratefully ignored, he has done what most attorneys only threaten to do: secured even more money for his clients later.

When credited by others as being a "great attorney", Mr. Lenahan is quick to explain that he did not need to be a great attorney to get great results. Rather, he attributes his success to having a hard-earned reputation for honesty, for caring about his clients personally, and for representing only those he believes in.

Marc Lenahan

Marc's Dream Team

For years, Marc served other famous law firms. He noticed that though the clients probably thought they were hiring a law firm, the lawyers within really all worked separately from each other. There was very, very little teamwork and collaboration.

But Marc created a different model for The Lenahan Law Firm. Here the attorneys have very different skills they each possess. And on almost every single case, each of the lawyers will contribute as a part of a true team.

The Gongs

You might be asking, "What's with all the gongs?" Since we opened at the end of 2007, we've commemorated each case that has been added to our results chart with a gong. We have each gong custom-made, and the client's first name is engraved on it: Steve, Robert, Maria, etc. With the gongs all around us, we have the constant reminders of what can be done by dedicating ourselves to each client the way we do. The truth is, the dollar amount of a case is often a terrible way of evaluating the quality of lawyering that was involved. There are certainly instances where obtaining $30,000, $50,000 or $1,000,000 in a specific case is far harder than securing $1,000,000 in another. Call and we'll discuss how we see things for you.

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