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Welcome to our new Dallas Severe Personal Injury Blog: “The Whole Truth?”

By Dallas Personal Injury Attorney on May 21, 2012

Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz probably surprised and offended a great many people when he testified before the House Judiciary Committee in 1998: "I believe that no felony is committed more frequently in this country than the genre of perjury and false statements. Perjury during civil depositions and trials is so endemic that a respected appellate judge once observed that 'experienced lawyers say that, in large cities, scarcely a trial occurs in which some witness does not lie.' He quoted a wag to the effect that cases often are decided 'according to the preponderance of perjury.'" (

But he didn't surprise attorneys.

Welcome to our Blog — "The Whole Truth?" The aspiration of this Blog will be to explore and explain many of the ways that something less than "the whole truth" manifests itself in the law.

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