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Better Motorcycle Safety Gear Is On Its Way

By Dallas Personal Injury Attorney on February 22, 2020

Over and over, bikers have called on The Lenahan Law Firm after one of their brothers or sisters was cut-off, bumped, rear-ended, t-boned, or otherwise wrongfully put in the hospital or worse.  Having been to so many bedsides and gravesides, we’re always interested in seeing the roads becoming safer for those who ride.

Some new safety gear is catching our eye.

Augmented Reality Helmets

Augmented Reality (AR) technology has been making leaps and bounds in the past decade. It allows people to view the virtual and real world at the same time. What does this have to do with motorcycles? Well, when added to a helmet it allows them to see things like GPS and traffic warnings. With voice recognition enabled commands, bikers will also be able to take or make phone calls and listen to music. This means less looking for a place to pull over in order to check your phone or take an important call or, even more dangerously, attempting to check your phone while still driving your motorcycle.

Black Boxes

You make think of black boxes as being exclusive to airplanes and trucks. But now they become synonymous with motorcycles as well. You can experience an accident anywhere, which means you could crash somewhere with little to no people. When injured from a motorcycle accident you will need medical attention as soon as possible, but you’ll be unlikely to be able to call for it yourself. That’s where the black box comes in. It will be able to sense when you’ve been involved in an accident, and signal for help immediately. With GPS technology, it will be able to tell first responders exactly where the crash happened and where you are likely still located.

Wearable Airbags

Airbags can be lifesavers. That’s why they’re part of vehicle safety regulations. However, they are not something that can be easily implemented in motorcycles. They’re more likely to send a biker flying than they are to soften the impact of a crash. The good news is new airbag technology has started to be added to riding jackets. The jackets will go off before the rider actually feels the impact, lessening the blow and potentially saving the biker’s life. Unfortunately, at the moment, they cost a pretty penny. But as the technology becomes more prevalent hopefully the price will start to drop.

Flexible Boots

Boots are an overlooked piece of safety gear, but they are incredibly important. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), most injuries sustained by bikers involved in motorcycle accidents are to the lower half of the body. Strong, flexible boots can help absorb the impact of a crash, and protect the biker’s feet and ankles from extreme breaks.

Stability System

It is fairly well known that motorcycles are unstable. While having two wheels allows for more variety in what directions you can drive, it also makes it harder to stay upright. New innovations in computerized safety mechanisms may mean that motorcyclists no longer have to worry about toppling over or losing balance. Using a series of sensors, the system will be able to tell when the motorcycle is tipping too far to the side or losing traction with the road and implement maneuvers to prevent and impact or crash.

With new technology, motorcycles just keep getting safer and safer. But they still carry a great deal of risk. If you or a loved one have been injured in a Dallas motorcycle accident, you an experienced accident lawyer at your side helping you get the compensation you deserve. Contact The Lenahan Law Firm at (214) 295-1008 and find out if we’re the right lawyers for you and your case.

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