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Dangers of Oilrigs and Oilfields

By Dallas Personal Injury Attorney on May 24, 2016

A Brownsville man fell off an oilrig and suffered fatal injuries in late February, due to an undisclosed problem with the cabling. While this might seem like a unique and tragic accident, it is actually one incident in a string of many throughout Texas. Working for an oil or gas company in the state has become notoriously dangerous as oilrig and oilfield injuries and fatalities continue to be a frequent problem. Even driving an oil truck has become considerably dangerous as trucking accidents are often reported.

In order to understand why so many oilrig accidents are in the news, it is important to also understand just how dangerous an oilrig can be when it is not properly maintained and crews are not supervised. A routine task, such as climbing an oilrig’s cabling for inspection, may become unnecessarily dangerous if negligence has been allowed to persist in the workplace. Unfortunately, as investigations often reveal, some oil and gas companies may not be outwardly concerned with the health and safety of their employees, often violating many Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) rules once an inspector comes around.

Hazards that can be common on an oilrig or oilfield jobsite include:

  • Falling objects from unsecured upper points
  • Loose or frayed cabling and supports
  • Rickety or damaged scaffolding
  • Lack of standard protective gear
  • Uncontained and dangerous chemical substances
  • Fires and explosion hazards (pressurized pipes)

All of these problems may seem to be quite significant but the truth remains that they are preventable with proper supervision and safety standards. The responsibility of providing a safe work environment ultimately falls upon the parent company itself, who must be invested in the care of its employees, even new or part-time workers in an entry level position. If you have been hurt while working on an oilrig or oilfield, or driving an oil truck, you can create a lawsuit to obtain any compensation your employer is not giving you.

Contact Lenahan Law Firm and let our Dallas oilfield injury lawyers know what happened to you. With our help, you may be able to collect fair and full monetary compensation for your on-the-job injuries. Start your case with a free initial consultation and, remember, we only get paid if you are given a settlement.

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