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Head Injuries from Bicycle Accidents

By Dallas Personal Injury Attorney on July 15, 2022

Bicycle accidents can result in serious head and brain injuries. These injuries can be life-altering and debilitating for the victim. The consequences could be long-term, or even permanent. Many people think that it will never happen to them, but when riding a bicycle on a road, bicycle riders are at a significant disadvantage.

Bicycle accidents can occur anywhere that motor vehicles are present. Most often, accidents occur when car drivers are driving their vehicles in a careless or reckless manner. No matter how careful you are when riding your bicycle, there is the ever-present risk of auto vehicles violating the rules of the road, driving distracted, or even poor road conditions.

Bicycle-related head injuries are extremely complex and there are many factors that can cause them. This is why you need an experienced Dallas injury attorney on your side to form a legal plan of action to get you just compensation for the injuries and damage suffered.

Even the most experienced riders could be injured because bicycles have no strong outer shell or protective barrier as cars and trucks do. The greatest protective measure a bicycle rider can take is to wear a properly fitting helmet. This reduces the risk of suffering a serious head injury; however, it does not remove the risk completely and does not protect injuries to the other parts of the rider’s body.

Bicycle Accident Head Injury

Brain and head injuries are common in Dallas bike accidents. Even though most riders wear helmets, these helmets can crack in an instant especially if they fall from their bicycle onto the ground as a result of the force of the impact of the accident.

When a cyclist hits their head on the ground in an accident, the force of the impact is enough to cause a concussion or a more severe type of traumatic head injury. Depending on the severity of the head injury, bicycle accident head injuries can cause long-term effects to the victim. Some effects could be minor, causing mild behavioral or personality changes in the victim and short-term memory loss.

However, some effects can be severe, causing the victim to suffer psychological changes such as depression; the victim may also be unable to use one side of their body, suffer from seizures, be in a permanent vegetative state, and suffer from memory loss or even death. The severity of these symptoms can vary from one victim to the other and they can last different amounts of time.

Types of Injuries

Head injuries can vary in severity with some being more serious and long-lasting than others. Some of the most common types of head injuries include:

  • Concussion – caused by a strong bump to the head. A concussion does not normally result in permanent brain damage, but it can lead to a loss of consciousness for a period of time.
  • Skull fracture – results from a serious impact to the head and occurs where there’s a break in a person’s skull.
  • Brain contusion – a bruise on the brain.
  • Hematomas – blood clots that form around the brain.
  • Hemorrhage – a brain bleed that is caused by tears in small arteries.

The Lenahan Law Firm Can Help You

Bicycle accidents can result in some extremely serious and life-altering injuries. You will need an experienced Dallas bike accident lawyer on your side to help you navigate the legal issues that may arise. If you or a loved one has suffered a head injury in a bicycle accident, we can help you fight for the compensation you deserve by assisting you with filing a claim or lawsuit and with pursuing the damages from the person responsible.

Give us a call today at (214) 295-1008 for a free consultation.

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