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Biking can be a great way to explore, exercise, and get some fresh air. Many of us love going for a bike ride when we want to enjoy our community parks and get our heart rates going a little. But bike riding is not always easy or safe. With no real safety features other than a helmet, a bike accident can be devastating.

If you have suffered injuries from a bicycle accident that occurred as the result of another person’s negligence, you may be entitled to a substantial amount of financial recovery. At The Lenahan Law Firm, our Dallas bike accident lawyers make our clients’ cases our top priority and help them fight for the compensation they rightfully deserve. We have seen just how debilitating a bike accident can be and know firsthand that proper compensation may be the only key to recovery.

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Staying Safe While Riding Your Bike

Unfortunately, not everyone will take the responsibility of safe driving seriously. There are those on the road that do not seem to care about their duty towards others. You cannot control the actions of others, but you can control your own behavior. Be sure to follow these safety tips to keep yourself, and those around you, as safe as possible.

  • Wear reflective gear to increase your visibility
  • Never use a device, such as your phone or headphones, while biking
  • Always wear a helmet
  • Ride with the flow of traffic
  • Try to avoid riding during poor seeing conditions, such as at night or during bad weather

Whether you are driving a car, operating a motorcycle, or riding a bike, the roadway can be dangerous. Neglecting important safety laws can lead to serious consequences and injuries. Failing to follow local traffic laws can also make it more difficult for you to receive proper compensation, as at-fault insurance companies will take every chance to discredit your claim.

Dangers Involved in a Bicycle Accident

There are inherent dangers to riding a bike, especially considering the general lack of physical protection that a cyclist has. The protection provided by helmets prevents a majority of serious injuries in a crash; but in severe bike accident cases, brain injuries are still possible.

When a bike accident occurs at high speed or involves a vehicle, the cyclist could be thrown from the point of impact and suffer a catastrophic injury.

Common injuries that may result from a bike accident include:

Treatment for such physical damage can be extensive, sometimes lasting for years, and will likely have a detrimental effect on the victim's life enjoyment and activities. An accident victim, therefore, has every right to retain a skilled Dallas bicycle accident attorney to represent them and help them fight for coverage of their medical bills and emotional distress.

"He was referred to me by one of our executives at my office after I was involved in a bicycle/car accident…The outcome was more than I imagined, and I am back to riding my bicycle again..."
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Bike Laws in Texas

Before receiving our drivers’ license, we all had to learn about the rules of the road. There are many laws and regulations for drivers meant to help protect everyone on the road. But there are also rules that bike riders should be aware of as well.

Helmets: Minors under the age of 18 must wear a helmet while riding on a bike. That includes whether they are the one operating the bike, or if they are simply a passenger riding tandem. Individuals 18 years of age or older are not legally required to wear helmets, but they are always recommended.

Number of riders: Those on a bike may only sit on the actual seat of the bike. Sitting on the handlebars, or in a basket, is illegal. A bike may also only carry the number of people it is designed to carry. So, you may only ride with another person if your bike was meant to carry two riders.

Rules of the road: Bike riders are expected to follow all the same traffic laws that drivers follow. For example, you must always stop at a stop sign, pay attention to and follow lane markers, and make yourself visible to other people on the road at night or in poor weather conditions. A cyclist can do this with reflective clothing and reflective patches on the front and back of their bike.

Duty of care: Bike riders, much like car drivers, have a duty of care to those sharing the roads with them. This means, that you have a duty to keep others from harm. If you break this duty of care, either by acting in negligence or purposefully trying to harm another, you may be held liable for the damages you caused. In the same situation, cyclists can hold each other liable for injuries they caused by disobeying Dallas traffic laws.

What To Do Following a Dallas Bike Accident

After being involved in a serious Dallas biking accident, you may be at a loss as to what to do next. Bike accidents are often not taken as seriously as car accidents, so there are few lessons on what you should do to get help and receive proper compensation. That is why we at The Lenahan Law Firm have put together these tips for you.

Seek medical help: Bikes do not travel nearly as fast as cars, so you may assume that following a bike accident, medical assistance is unnecessary. However, that may be as far from the truth as possible. Bikes have very little protection during an accident, and if you collided with a car, chances are you are suffering from catastrophic injuries. Your health is of the utmost importance, so be sure to call for medical help.

Collect evidence and information: If you are able to do so, speak to the other people involved in the accident and collect their insurance information. This information is incredibly important for the process of filing a claim. Also, be sure to take pictures of the scene of the collision and of any injuries you may have suffered. Your bike and clothing are also invaluable pieces of evidence, so avoid repairing, cleaning, or throwing them out before having an expert inspect them.

Follow your doctor’s orders: Your doctor will be able to do a full evaluation of your injuries and will know what steps you should follow in order to heal as quickly as possible. Following these instructions is important not just for your health, but also for receiving as much compensation as possible. If there is evidence you did not follow your doctor’s orders, the adverse insurance company may use that to claim you are not as injured as you said and do not deserve high compensation.

Speak with an experienced Dallas bicycle injury attorney: Filing a claim against a large insurance company can be daunting, especially if you are doing it alone. Insurance adjusters know how to make a lowball offer seem like the best possible deal and will do everything they can to pay you as little as possible. With a skilled personal injury attorney by your side, however, you have a far greater chance of getting every penny that you are owed.

Enlisting the Help of The Lenahan Law Firm

Without a competent attorney to assist you in winning the payout you deserve, you may end up facing financial stress as you try to pay your medical bills on your own. No one who has suffered a bicycle accident because of someone else should ever be subject to this.

Each Dallas personal injury attorney at The Lenahan Law Firm researches each detail of a case and fights aggressively for a full recovery. We know that insurance companies do not always offer maximum compensation to bike accident victims and we will do everything in our power to unveil and obtain the payout you deserve.

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