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Motorcycle Safety Tips for Motorists in Automobiles

By Dallas Personal Injury Attorney on August 5, 2015

Motorcycle AccidentWhen you are traveling the freeways of Texas, you need to always be aware of the environment around you and driving as responsibly and safely as you can. Otherwise, you could be putting yourself and those around you in serious danger. Motorcyclists are especially vulnerable to the mistakes of other motorists, as any collision could cause them to suffer catastrophic damage.

When you are in your car, keep these tips in mind to avoid a dangerous collision with a motorcycle:

  1. Check your mirrors and blind spots: Most drivers know to check over their shoulders and in their side mirrors whenever they are turning or changing lanes, but many are just looking for a car there. Rather than checking for “another car,” as you may have been instructed in the past, just check for “anything at all.”
  2. Use your turn signals: Even if you see the motorcyclist behind you as you begin to make a turn, you might catch the rider completely off-guard if you fail to use your turn signal. Amidst all the blurs a motorcyclist can see while riding, the blinking light of a turn signal is wholly unmistakable and stand out.
  3. Check before opening doors: When you are in standstill traffic conditions, you might believe it is a good time to open your door to let some air out, or maybe run to the trunk to grab something. Before you open the door, check to see if a motorcyclist is weaving between the stopped cars.
  4. Adjust your driving according to weather conditions: If it is difficult for you to control your car on a rain-slicked curve, it is probably even more difficult for a motorcyclist. When the conditions are bad, be extra careful and give motorcyclists extra room.

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