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Self-Driving Trucks: Miracle or Menace?

By Dallas Personal Injury Attorney on January 20, 2021

A driverless truck may sound like far-flung technology from a science fiction book, but this new stage in transportation is already here. In fact, the very first test of a self-driving truck took place in 2016 by Uber.

Since then, more and more companies have decided to try their hand at making a road-ready self-driving truck. Most of these inventions aren’t ready for the real road yet, but that hasn’t stopped these companies from testing them on our Texas highways, putting our people at extreme risk.

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Watch Out for the Most Common Causes of Brain Damage

By Dallas Personal Injury Attorney on January 12, 2021

While we all know there is a chance we might be involved in a car accident, or slip at the swimming pool and slam into the wet pavement, most of us go through life assuming we will never suffer serious injuries.

The truth is, you could very well suffer a permanent brain injury in the blink of an eye. After all, there are countless ways that your brain could become injured.

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Have Speeding Accidents Increased Due to COVID?

By Dallas Personal Injury Attorney on January 2, 2021

COVID-19 has made a heavy impact on our way of life. Where most schoolchildren would be in the classroom, now they stay at home on video calls all day. When you would expect to see trick-or-treaters, you instead find empty sidewalks. Hospitals are full, and offices are empty. America under lockdown is a strange sight to see. However, a place that people may not realize is impacted are the roads and highways. With empty streets, many drivers have opted to speed, increasing the level of danger on the road.

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The Dangers of Dooring Accidents

By Dallas Personal Injury Attorney on December 26, 2020

When riding a bike or a motorcycle, most bikers know to keep their eyes open for nearby traffic. After all, cars are much larger, heavier, and more powerful than bikes, which means most any collision will result in the cyclist getting injured. However, one danger that many forget is dooring. Dooring is a serious problem, one that many car drivers and passengers are completely unaware of. So let’s all be a little safer with this knowledge. And if you were injured in a dooring accident, here’s what you should know about filing a personal injury claim.

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How Negligent Drivers Make the Holidays Dangerous

By Dallas Personal Injury Attorney on December 17, 2020

Every year, during the winter holiday session, car accidents spike. This also means a spike in catastrophic injuries and fatalities. The holidays are supposed to be the happiest times of the year – why are they so dangerous, even deadly?

Unfortunately, a lot of that danger can be chalked up to negligent drivers shirking their duty of care toward other on the roads.

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How a Small, Black Box Could Win Your Claim

By Dallas Personal Injury Attorney on December 10, 2020

Truck accidents are terrifying, devastating, and deadly. Countless people across the United States lose their lives to truck accidents every year. Even worse, trucking companies do everything in their power to deny liability, even when they are clearly responsible. Thankfully, there is a tool that everyone filing a truck accident claim can use: the black box.

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The Danger of Phantom Drivers

By Dallas Personal Injury Attorney on November 18, 2020

While you may expect a “phantom driver” to pop up in a bad horror movie, these negligent drivers are all too real. Phantom driver accidents, otherwise known as miss-and-runs or hit-and-runs, happen when one driver causes an accident and flees before exchanging proper information, thus making their identity a mystery, like a phantom. They may do this by neglecting to wait for their right of way, taking a turn too quickly, or swerving into a different lane, forcing other drivers to take evasive maneuvers to avoid them. This can include swerving into other traffic or off of the road. Both hit-and-runs and miss-and-runs are dangerous. Unfortunately, they are not treated equally under Texas insurance laws.

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What Makes a Defective Auto Part So Dangerous?

By Dallas Personal Injury Attorney on November 11, 2020

A defective auto part is incredibly dangerous. When you are driving, you know to check your mirror, pay attention to speed limits, and watch out for potentially dangerous or impaired drivers. However, no amount of defensive driving on your part will keep you safe from a defective auto part. Defects can cause sudden and unexpected issues, leading to you losing complete control over your vehicle. Sadly, there are a handful of faulty auto parts that are more common than you think.

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The Unforeseen and Poisonous Danger of Boating

By Dallas Personal Injury Attorney on November 4, 2020

Boating is an exhilarating experience and a favorite pastime for Texans. Taking out a watercraft is the ideal way to relax and share time with your friends or family. Unfortunately, boating also comes with a hidden danger: carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning. To safely enjoy boating, you must be alert to the hidden dangers of CO poisoning and, if you do have the misfortune to be injured due to a negligent boat owner or operator, you may be able to recover compensation.

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How to Afford Your Medical Bills During a Claim

By Dallas Personal Injury Attorney on October 28, 2020

Being involved in an accident is a stressful, traumatic experience. If you are like many people, you may not have tens of thousands of dollars to cover the cost of an ER visit or extensive medical care. This financial stress may cause you to avoid getting medical care, hoping to recover on your own – a dangerous decision. If someone caused your injuries through an act of negligence, then you may be able to pursue a personal injury claim, but that can take over a year. During that period while you are waiting for a settlement, how do you pay for your medical bills?

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