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Product Liability: Defective Products and Product Instructions

Each year, American consumers, children and adults are injured or killed by defective or dangerous products purchased to make life more comfortable, enjoyable, or productive. Many of these manufacturers fail to thoroughly test their products before putting them on the market, or they deliberately hide known dangers from consumers for the sake of making profits.

When confronted with a report of actual harm caused to a consumer, these same manufacturers may try to manipulate the facts or hold the victim responsible in an effort to avoid responsibility for their own defective product. This puts a tremendous burden on the victim or the victim's surviving family to prove the manufacturer's wrongdoing and liability for damages.

When someone is harmed by a defective product, it takes a Dallas personal injury attorney with persistence and extensive resources to prosecute the case all the way to a successful conclusion.

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Examples of Defective Products

Sadly, new or "improved" products being put on the market each year lead to a number of new - product liability cases filed with the court.

There is a wide range of products that malfunction or prove dangerous to their users, including the following:

  • Automotive components
  • Motor vehicles
  • Children's toys, strollers and furniture
  • Electronics
  • Heavy equipment
  • Household appliances
  • Medical appliances and devices
  • Pharmaceuticals and psychiatric drugs
  • Food products
  • Airplanes and helicopters

When products cause injury or wrongful death and the manufacturers try to avoid liability, it becomes the responsibility of a defective product lawyer to hold these companies accountable. Each case is unique and requires a thorough understanding of the science involved, insight into the reason the product is defective, and the ability to communicate all of this in a courtroom and bring a jury to a complete understanding of the wrong s involved.

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Am I Entitled to Compensation?

Our legal team shares a commitment to advocating effectively for our clients in prosecuting their claim for damages. Our firm has been included in the Top 100 Trial Lawyer in Texas since 2007 and is a Multi-Million Dollar Advocate®.

A Dallas personal injury lawyer at our firm represents a limited number of clients with severe injuries in order to provide the highest quality legal representation.

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