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What You Can Do to Get the Most Out of Your Personal Injury Claim

By Dallas Personal Injury Attorney on September 19, 2020

After being involved in an accident, you may assume that the insurance provider of the at-fault party will immediately give you exactly the amount of compensation that you are owed. Unfortunately, that is not how things go. Insurance companies care more about their own profits than they do about what they owe you. That means they will do everything they can to pay you as little as possible. This means that you have to be prepared to do everything you can to maximize your compensation.

Hang on to Evidence

Evidence in a personal injury case, whether it be a car accident, a slip-and-fall, or a truck crash, can come in many forms. There may be nearby surveillance footage, such as from traffic cameras, available to give you a clearer look at the accident. Or if your accident involved a truck, then the information stored in the black box could prove invaluable. Evidence could also come in forms of medical forms, showing the extent of your injury, or photos of the accident scene that are able to indicate the other party’s fault. Whatever evidence you have, it is in your best interest to hang on to it.

When you begin to work on a settlement with the adverse insurance provider, they will do their best to refute every claim you make. This will allow them to pay you as little as possible. However, with the right evidence backing you up, they won’t be able to deny the truth. Furthermore, although only 1 in 10 cases goes to trial, it is still possible you will be among that 10%. Meaning that you will have to present your case to a jury. The better your evidence, the more likely the jury is to be on your side.

Follow Your Doctor’s Orders

A doctor’s job is to make sure you heal. That means they will likely be overly cautious when it comes to the recovery period. They may want you to stay in bed 24/7, avoid going to work, or doing anything that could be even slightly strenuous. To you, that may seem like too much. You may feel better already and might want to stretch your legs.

Unfortunately, that rebellious streak could end up costing you. If the adverse insurance finds out that you were not following your doctor’s orders, then they could use that as evidence that you aren’t actually injured, and thus should not receive as much in compensation. They may even try to deny your claim outright.

Never Take the First Offer

After your accident, the insurance adjuster will likely call and make an offer. They will do their best to make this offer seem like the best-case scenario. They will claim you won’t be able to get any more from the insurance company. They will remind you that you have medical bills to pay off. They will try to seem friendly and kind, acting like they have your best interest in heart. But by accepting that offer, you will be selling yourself short. Insurance companies want to pay out as little as possible when they’re faced with a claim. Even if your case is a slam dunk, they will try to convince you that you should take something lower than you are owed. Never take the first offer made, as it will always be lower than what you should actually receive.

File Your Case Immediately

For personal injury cases in Texas, you have two years from the date of your accident to file a claim. That may seem like a very long time to you, and so you may choose to focus more on recovery and allow the claim to fall by the wayside. This, however, would be a mistake. The longer you wait, the less likely you are to have the appropriate evidence. Every day that you wait to file your claim, your case becomes weaker and weaker. Even worse, that two years could simply run out without you noticing. From dealing with emotional trauma to physical injuries to medical bills, the statute of limitations could simply slip your mind. That could result in you not being able to file a case at all.

Speak with an Attorney

Finally, the best way you could maximize your compensation is by working with an experienced personal injury attorney. Your attorney can help you put together evidence, launch a deep investigation into the circumstances of your case, and help you determine just how much compensation you deserve. At the Lenahan Law Firm, we can provide you with the compassionate help you need. For expert legal advice from skilled Dallas personal injury attorneys, call our firm at (214) 295-1008. We’re waiting to help you.

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