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When Aggressive Driving Destroys Lives

By Dallas Personal Injury Attorney on August 10, 2020

Driving is dangerous at the best of times, but if you encounter an aggressive driver, the risks are even higher. The number one cause of death for people between the ages of 3 and 33 years old is automobile collisions, 50% of which involved aggressive driving. Watch for the signs of aggressive driving, so you know what to do and are able to remain calm, in control, and safe when sharing the road with an aggressive driver.

What Is Aggressive Driving?

There is a spectrum of driving behavior with defensive driving at one end, and violent road rage on the other. Factors such as time constraints, traffic, unrelated stress, and rude acts of others can contribute to a person driving aggressively. The kindest, calmest, safest driver might have a temporary period of aggressive driving under certain circumstances. Circumstance, however, is never an excuse to act recklessly, negligently, or cruelly. Aggressive drivers put everyone sharing the road with them at risk. Their victims deserve proper compensation.

Serious Injuries Ruin Lives

An aggressive driver will engage in dangerous driving conduct, and innocent people can pay the price. These drivers engage in behavior that puts other drivers and passengers at risk as they weave through traffic, cut off other drivers, tailgate, or cause a collision. The injuries sustained can lead to permanent impairments, whether physical, mental or both. A vital, healthy person can have their lives changed forever.

As experienced personal injury attorneys, we at The Lenahan Law Firm, have seen the impact that an aggressive driver can have. Some common accidents caused by aggressive drivers are:

What ever injury you suffer, you are likely to feel it for long after the initial accident physically, emotionally, and financially. When faced with an aggressive driver, the most important thing you can do is keep calm, and remember our safety tips.

What to Do If You Spot an Aggressive Driver

Aggressive drivers usually drive in an agitated manner that includes speeding, jerky movements, and show visible signs of frustration, yelling, shouting, or other aggressive acts. Most aggressive drivers appear visibly stressed before the reckless driving behavior, so stay aware of the behavior of those sharing the road, as much as possible.

If you notice another driver acting aggressively, your safest option is to drop back, pull over, or turn off the road to put distance between you and the other driver as quickly and safely as possible. Do not provoke them or react – even if your reaction may be justified. Let the driver pass you and give him or her a wide berth. If they are threatening you and you are unable to move out of range, call 911 for help.

Never get out of your car when an aggressive driver is close. Some drivers become so enraged they would rather cause you harm than get to their destination. Your car is your best protection and getting out of it puts you at risk for attack. If you are in a car with an aggressive driver, do your best to remove yourself from the situation. You could ask to get a snack, fill up the gas tank, or go to the bathroom. When the car stops, you can get out and try to find another way to get to your final destination.

Injured by an Aggressive Driver in Texas?

When you have representation from The Lenahan Law Firm, you will be served with personalized care and attention, supported by the full resources of our firm, and a dedication to justice. We manage all legal matters related to seeking compensation, so you can focus on your health, your family, and putting your life back together without worrying about legal deadlines, filings, or negotiating the terms of a settlement.

If you or a loved one have suffered an injury due to the actions of an aggressive driver, call us immediately at (214) 295-1008 for a no-cost consultation. We have offices throughout Texas in Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, Denton, and Fort Worth and are here to help.

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