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Representing Victims of Dallas Freeway Accidents

Dallas’s highways can be extremely hectic and chaotic during rush hour. Even with light traffic, there is still the risk of encountering a negligent driver, such as one who speeds or drives while intoxicated, which can result in a catastrophic accident. Highway accidents often occur at high speeds and involve multiple vehicles, increasing the risk of suffering a severe injury. Determining liability in these cases is also complicated, which is why working with an experienced Dallas highway accident lawyer is important to getting compensation.

The Lenahan Law Firm has decades of combined experience investigating serious car accidents and advocating for the highest possible award for our clients. We know how to determine liability in complex car accidents and can guide you and your family through the claims process. If you were injured by a negligent driver on one of Dallas’s highways, reach out to us at (214) 295-1008. We can talk about your case in a free consultation.

"...While riding my motorcycle home one night on the highway, I noticed that the car in front of me suddenly swerve off to the right. The next thing I knew, headlights were coming straight at me from a vehicle heading the wrong direction and I struck the side of his car as he attempted to dodge the collision at the last second...So, from one horrific night, I feel more than blessed I escaped with two miracles: Surviving such an unimaginable situation and being able to find a empathetic and competent attorney that quickly helped me move closer to the end of the nightmare this experience had been. I would recommend him to anyone in a similar situation to mine."
- Jimmy

Common Accidents on Dallas Highways

Car accidents occur all throughout Dallas, but highways are often the scene of the most serious types of accidents. Over a hundred fatal car accidents occurred on both local and state highways in Dallas County in a single year. These accidents are often due to speeding and other acts of negligence. Despite laws limiting speed limits to 65 mph, or 55 for certain vehicles, many drivers drive well above the speed limit on Dallas highways, an dangerous practice given that almost over 3,000 Dallas accidents were caused by speeding.

Factors that also contribute to highway accidents include:

Our city’s infrastructure also requires constant care and attention, which is why road crews are often employed all throughout the day to improve our highways. In these work zones, drivers are required by law to lower their speed and avoid any action that can cause a collision. Workers, in turn, must also avoid leaving equipment and machinery in areas that could disrupt the flow of traffic and cause collisions. More than 22,000 accidents occur in work zones across the state of Texas in a single year, many of which involve serious injuries to both drivers and workers.

Who Is Responsible for Highway Collisions?

Following a freeway accident, it is important to review the nature of your collision with an experienced Dallas vehicle accident lawyer. At The Lenahan Law Firm, we can go over the details of your accident report, witness testimonies, and other evidence to determine who caused your accident and is responsible for paying compensation to you.

In most cases, highway accidents are the fault of negligent drivers. If you were injured by a driver who was texting while driving, drunk, or speeding, you may be able to recover compensation through a car accident claim against their insurance company. This will be a contentious fight, as insurance companies never want to pay proper compensation to victims. However, our legal team is experienced at getting compensation for victims throughout Dallas and have the case results to back us up.

If your injuries were caused by a negligent road crew, then your case may become more complicated. Road crews are often contracted by Dallas’s Public Works Department and have a duty to maintain and improve our freeways. When a worker mishandles a piece of machinery, construction vehicle, or other tool, causing a collision, either the construction company or Public Works can be held liable in a claim. Government accident claims are more complicated and require the aid of a skilled attorney, which is why you should not hesitate to contact The Lenahan Law Firm to discuss your case.

Dedicated Personal Injury Representation

If you were injured in a highway accident that was not your fault, reach out to our team at The Lenahan Law Firm. Our Dallas auto accident attorneys have decades of combined experience handling car accident claims for our clients and can provide the strong representation you need after a collision. We will review every piece of evidence to determine who caused your trauma and hold them accountable in a civil court. Call us at (214) 295-1008 to talk about your case in a free consultation.

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"I honestly am not sure what we would’ve done without you and your team. You have our deepest gratitude."
- Charles D.