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Free Texas Police Report Offer

The Lenahan Law Firm wants to provide you with a copy of your Texas Police Report, totally on our dime. To do so responsibly, we must comply with several requirements of the State of Texas, some requirements of the State Bar of Texas, and also a few requirements we've imposed on ourselves.

Note: Fields with a * are required.

Potential Fit with the Firm:

  • I do NOT already have an attorney. (If you already have an attorney, that attorney will provide a police report for you, we're sure. And if you already have an attorney, it is inappropriate for us to contact you with any impressions we have about what we might see in the police report.)
  • In addition to forwarding the police report if the Lenahan Law Firm secures one for me, the Lenahan Law Firm is welcome to contact me to discuss ideas or potential representation.


I understand that the Lenahan Law Firm accepts only severely injured clients. Either:

  1. The injuries in this case are severe, such as death or requiring emergency surgery; or
  2. Though not severe, the injuries involved did (or do) require medical care, and I'd appreciate the Lenahan Law Firm's trying to help find a lawyer who handles the level of physical injuries that are involved.


No Promises:

  • I understand that the Lenahan Law Firm might NOT offer to be my lawyers.
  • I understand that the Lenahan Law Firm is NOT promising that they'll succeed in securing my free police report.
  • I understand that the police reports often contain information that should prompt quick action (such as filing a suit before a deadline, preserving evidence, issuing a demand before others collect all the insurance, et cetera). But the Lenahan Law Firm will NOT perform any such actions without first being retained.
  • I understand that the Lenahan Law Firm might not provide any advice or opinions about matters on the police report or about my case unless they are retained.


The State of Texas requires that the person requesting a police report fit one of several circumstances found at Texas Transportation Code 550.065(c)(4). Four of those circumstances can apply here. Please indicate which ones are right for you.

Certification of Legal Authority:

Texas Transporation Code 550.065(c)(4) limits the release of a crash report to any person directly concerned in the accident or having a proper interest therein. I certify that I meet the requirements of Texas Transportation Code 550.065(c)(4) to obtain a copy of the requested crash report based on the below selected qualification(s):

* Required

Free Evaluation & Pay Only If There Is a Recovery*

Please fill in the following fields to your best extent. Once your form has been received, a personal injury attorney from Lenahan Law Firm will contact you shortly.