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A high-speed Lamborghini crash involving Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Rashee Rice has recently made headlines. Attorney Marc Lenahan of The Lenahan Law Firm is representing the injured parties in this complex and widely publicized case.

On March 30, Rashee Rice was driving a Lamborghini at high speed in Dallas, Texas, when the vehicle veered out onto the shoulder and hit the median wall of the expressway. His vehicle was involved in a multi-vehicle accident where he walked away from the scene.

Two drivers received treatment at the scene for minor injuries, and two motorists from another vehicle were taken to a nearby hospital.

"No one stopped," Kayla Quinn, who reported that her car was damaged in the crash, told the Dallas Morning News.

Attorney Marc C. Lenahan revealed to NBC News earlier this week that the individuals were simply driving along:

“From their perspective, they were just driving along,” Lenahan said. “One of them was headed to dinner with friends and family at 6:30, like most of us were on a Saturday night before Easter with, you know, people in town.”

That’s when they say they saw “a flash” behind them, he said.

“And then, all of a sudden, they’re spinning and getting T-boned,” Lenahan said.

A video shared on social media by Kayla appears to capture the damage to the driver's side of her car. A Facebook post attributed to Quinn's mother stated that Quinn's 4-year-old son was also present in the vehicle.

After reviewing the video, he says the actions of the people in those cars are in question.

“And it shows very clearly that the two cars were going very, very fast on 75 right near University Park. And they first hit one car, then they hit the second. When they hit that second, then they turn it sideways and T-bone it. That’s the Corvette that does that. Our client is a passenger in that car that got t-boned,” Lenahan said.

The Lamborghini crash involving Rashee Rice remains the subject of ongoing legal proceedings. As the injured parties' legal representative, Marc Lenahan continues to advocate for their interests and work toward resolutions that are fair and just. With Lenahan's experience and dedication, the injured parties can trust that their legal rights are being safeguarded as the case unfolds.

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