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Dallas Catastrophic Injury

Fighting for Fair Compensation for Your Injuries

When a person suffers a personal injury in an accident, there are different levels of severity involved. Minor accidents result in injuries that are not severe, such as modest whiplash and bruises.

There are lots of attorneys who will be glad to represent clients with those injuries. But not us. We represent only the severely injured. To do that the best that we can, we are obligated to focus on those clients only. Catastrophic injuries are those that are considered the most severe or that cause lasting or permanent physical damage.

Types of Accidents that Cause Permanent Damage

The most common cause of severe injury is car accidents, as well as truck, bus and 18-wheeler accidents. Perhaps you have been injured by a driver who is operating the vehicle drunk or is texting. Vehicle crashes involve high speeds and harsh collisions that can result in most of the injuries listed above. Other vehicle accidents include motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents and boating accidents, and ATV accidents.

A person could slip and fall, or a defective product could malfunction and cause injury. Even water and amusement park rides can injure a person in a lasting or permanent way. If you have suffered catastrophic injury from any such accident, you could be faced with massive medical bills without adequate compensation gained with the help of a Dallas personal injury attorney.

Seeking Compensation for Your Injuries in Dallas, TX

You can be sure that a Dallas injury lawyer from our team will have the skill and experience to fight for the recovery you deserve. We only handle a limited number of cases and we only handle severe injury or wrongful death cases, which gives us the ability to provide our full attention and dedication to your case.

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