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Dallas Firearm Accident Lawyers

Recovering Damages from Firearm Accidents in Dallas

Each and every year, individuals using firearms are injured by faulty manufacturing and poor firearm design, as well as through criminal negligence while firing a gun. Firearm accidents often result in life-threatening injuries or death. Manufacturers must be held responsible for their errors and compensate injured individuals.

If you or a loved one has been harmed in a firearm accident, you need a Dallas personal injury attorney at your side who will stand up to insurance companies and firearm manufacturers no matter what. Fatal accidents resulting from defective gun models happen far more often than they should.

Not only can compensation for serious injuries be obtained, you could also help ensure that the defective models are remedied and that no further injuries will be sustained as a result of the manufacturing of defective guns. Our firm fights to protect innocent individuals injured in gun and firearm accidents. We hold gun manufacturers responsible for their errors and demand that they remedy the damages. No one should have to endure the physical and emotional trauma of a firearm accident.

Injured in a firearm accident in Dallas, TX?

We believe that our many successes are due to the fact that we fully devote ourselves to each case that we take on and we have a strict limit to how many cases we accept. This allows us to completely dedicate ourselves to our clients and obtain the results they deserve.

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