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We Limit Our Caseload to Keep the Focus on You

We usually permit ourselves to accept only about 20-30 clients for the entire Firm. And most every single case involves the talents of Marc and Tom, as they each bring different skills to the battle for you.

  • We Believe a 7-to-1 Ratio is Better than 700-to-1
  • We Believe in True Teamwork
  • We Focus on Severe Injury Only (NOT Divorce Law, Criminal Law & Injury Law)

Though our model is probably how you always imagined a law firm works, the reality is that the way most injury firm's function is starkly different. The odds are that, even among the better firms that may be on your contact list, the ratio is not between 7 to 10 cases per lawyer, but between 80 to 200 cases per lawyer.

What Makes Us Different From Other Firms?

There are many, many firms with a business model that is even far more extreme. First, the "owner" of the firm is somebody who precious few clients ever meet or talk with, not even on the phone.

Below the owner, there will be a level of attorneys that contains "your lawyer" who is the attorney actually responsible for your case. It is very common for clients that the very first time they ever speak with or meet their lawyer is about 30 minutes before the client is deposed.

Attorney Client Ratio at Other Firms

Below "your lawyer" will be a team of four to twelve folks loosely called "paralegals" or "legal assistants" though far more of them have only high school degrees than have paralegal degrees. "Your legal assistant" is likely the person in such a firm who knows your case the best. They will be the "case manager" for between 60 and 200 of the 500 to 700 cases "your lawyer" is responsible for.

If you take a look at the kind Attorney Reviews our clients have said about us, you'll notice that when our clients want to talk with us, they do, and almost always instantly. And when our clients are asked to hold on for a moment, it is often because we're gathering two or three lawyers and a true, talented paralegal in a room to chat with our client on speakerphone so we can all put our minds together.

The most common gripe clients have with their attorneys in Texas is that they never get to speak with their lawyers and can't even get a return phone call. Well, now that you know the math, you understand why that is.

So the choice is really pretty simple. When you need to speak with your lawyers, do you want to get them on the line, or do you just want to get in line?

Another thing that injury victims may notice while searching for their firm is the "Areas of Practice" list that every firm seems to boast. These lists are often used as bait, luring unwary clients in by listing an impressive and extensive number of practice areas. Don't be fooled by these lists! Many firms claim to be competent in any area of law as a way of getting clients to retain the firm, without having the focus, talents, or experience such cases merit.

Our Firm will not make such false promises. Our "Areas of Practice" list contains only matters we can go to war on. Find out for yourself by checking out some actual cases that we have handled in the past, as well as our client testimonials.

Nor is our focus diluted by dabbling in any area of law that might pay the bills. Clients who have suffered a serious injury or who have lost a family member to a wrongful death deserve a law firm that focuses on severe injury only.

Our Awards & Accolades

The Lenahan Law Firm is a highly-reviewed personal injury firm in Dallas. Avvo® has rated us as "Superb," which requires a perfect 10/10 score, and we have also been named a Super Lawyer. Additionally, our firm has attorneys who have taken on leadership roles in their professional arenas. Attorney Marc Lenahan was selected to serve as the 2013 President-Elect of the National Crime Victim Bar Association, meaning he served as president in 2014. He is also Vice President of the Texas Brain Injury Alliance. If you are searching for a firm that will fully dedicate itself to researching your case and aggressively representing you in court, call our offices today. Only a skilled attorney can recover the full amount you deserve.

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If you have been involved in an accident and are severely injured as a result, or if someone you love has been killed because of another person's negligence, you deserve to fight for adequate compensation. Medical bills and other expenses involved in serious injury and wrongful death can become unaffordable quicker than you can imagine. By retaining an attorney from The Lenahan Law Firm, you could raise your chances of winning the payout you need.

Car accidents, drunk driving accidents, and slip and fall accidents merit the full attention and dedication of a Dallas personal injury lawyer. Call now to learn more.