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HQ in Dallas. Base Stations in Austin, Midland & North Dakota. Clients Worldwide.

A disproportionately high ratio of our clients finds us from locations far from Dallas. In fact, our clientèle at any one time might include almost as many individuals from North Dakota, Hong Kong, London, Austin, San Antonio, Tennessee, Florida, Virginia, Colorado, and Michigan as from Dallas, Coppell, Irving, Farmers Branch, Plano, Frisco, and Carrollton.

We have a theory for why this might be. We believe that distance forces people needing to find the right lawyer to do more research, as they've not been bombarded with billboards, daytime TV commercials & sports-radio ads by mass-marketing attorneys. The "research" theory is also supported by the fact that a stout number of our clients are highly educated or super street-wise. Ph. D.'s, professors, engineers, programmers and lawyers often seem to find us; as do the street-wise—including firefighters and roughnecks, teachers and preachers, and soccer moms and truckers.

You may be wondering whether or not it will be problematic to be located far from Dallas. The answer is absolutely not. First, we represent clients in every corner of Texas, and every acre of North Dakota, from our Dallas office. You shouldn't be surprised if Marc personally travels over a thousand miles to visit the scene of your injury before he has even asked you to sign a contract to make it official. Oh, and we have never asked a client to reimburse us for the costs we invest in coming to meet you and study the location before we are hired to be your lawyers. Choosing the right attorney to work with on important cases is too personal and too crucial a decision to make in the dark. Letting you see who we are is an investment we are always glad to make at our own cost.

Second, we've brought many cases to notable conclusions without our clients having ever stepped foot in our office. It just isn't necessary most of the time. Neither the family for the "Over $6,500,000" result nor the family in the "Over $4,000,000" result have ever visited our Firm in person.

Third, it can be very hard to predict where a lawsuit will be brought until the matter is analyzed. For example, when a husband & father was killed by 18-wheelers in a Colorado dust storm, we determined that a proper and wise place to bring the lawsuit was in Houston. Every 18-wheeler case merits an evaluation of other counties and states that might also be proper. We've reached notable resolutions in settlement and at trial under the laws of Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Virginia and many others.