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Dangerous Water and Amusement Park Rides - It's a Matter of Physics

Yes, water park slides and amusement park rides can be an absolute blast for the whole family, and yes, we've all seen the signs that caution us not to ride if we're pregnant, have a bad back, or suffer from motion sickness. But have you ever seen a sign that reads, "The physics of this ride are so extreme that healthy people of any age might suffer burst spinal vertebrae from the forces" as you were waiting in line?

Or how about one that reads, "Properly managed, this ride can be safe; but we usually provide poor oversight, so the odds are much higher that you will suffer severe physical injury or the loss of your child," or even "Ask us how many times the manufacturer of this ride has been sued for causing catastrophic injuries," next to the "minimum height" sign?

Causes of Accidents at Amusement Parks

Water parks and amusement parks were created to provide fun and entertainment for the whole family, but sometimes the fun doesn't have a happy ending. A day of fun and excitement can turn into a nightmare for families.

Common sources of accidents at theme parks:

  • Manufacturers of amusement park rides have been sued on numerous occasions for defective products that malfunction and cause injury or wrongful death
  • Employees at amusement parks can also be guilty of criminal negligence through careless operation of a ride or for failing to inform park guests about inherent or possible dangers
  • Inadequate security or supervision
  • Poor maintenance of rides

Unfortunately, Dallas amusement park accidents are far more common that we think.Thousands of people every year are injured seriously enough to require trips to the emergency room, with many of them being young children. Anyone who has suffered from any of the above should consult with a Dallas premises liability lawyer immediately.

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