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Legal Representation in Defective Automobile Cases

Having an automobile is a necessity in today's world, and as consumers, we expect that our cars are designed to keep us safe. We spend a lot of time in our vehicles and carry precious cargo as we put a certain amount of trust in the vehicle's manufacturer. Sadly, when car manufacturers fail to protect a consumer due to an act of negligence, whether in design or manufacturing, the result can be serious injuries and broken lives.

If you believe that you or a loved one may be the victim of a defective auto product, get in touch with our Dallas product defect attorney. At Lenahan Law Firm, we have built a "dream team" so that people suffering from car accident injuries can have access to our top-quality counsel and extensive resources in order to improve their chances of getting full compensation for the injuries they have suffered.

Each individual at our firm has a stellar background in their unique field. With a former insurance attorney and award-winning personal injury attorney, it is easy to see how our firm has achieved many high-value settlements and verdicts for our personal injury clients. If you have been injured and need professional legal counsel, call our firm at (214) 295-1008 so that we can speak with you today.

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" wife & I were involved in a single vehicle wreck, caused by the mechanical failure of aftermarket parts...Marc was excellent to work with. More importantly, after the award, Marc continued to work on our behalf, to be sure we got to keep the money..."
- Former client

The Different Types of Auto Defects

Cars are incredibly complex machines. They require many different parts to run properly and safely, as well as constant maintenance. A good mechanic can make sure that your car runs perfectly for years. Unfortunately, there are times when your mechanic can’t do a thing to help you, because the issue your car is having has nothing to do with typical wear and tear, but rather, from a manufacturing defect. There are many kinds of auto defects, including:

  • Poor roof structural integrity
  • Weak and defective tires
  • Leaky fuel tanks
  • Malfunctioning brakes
  • Broken seatbelts
  • Non-deploying airbags
  • Faulty accelerators

There have been many cases of these sorts of defects seriously injuring, or even killing, drivers and passengers. For example, the 2009-2011 Toyota recalls were due to sudden, unintended accelerations, as well as defective brakes. This caused people to lose control over their vehicles altogether, as they could not stop them from speeding forward into objects or other vehicles. When car manufacturers don’t do their job and properly test cars to see if they can run safely, then they put thousands of lives at risk. That is why proper tests must always be performed before a car is let out into the market.

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Automobile Crashworthiness

When designing a new vehicle, manufacturers will put it through rigorous tests to make sure that all systems are operating as they should. During these tests, the design may be changed, features may be added or taken away, and experts are able to determine if the vehicle is road safe or not. There are many different defects that are tested and watched for during these tests, but the most important ones include:

  • Airbag deployment
  • Safety of the child seat feature
  • Passenger restraint systems
  • Ejection of occupants
  • Fuel systems
  • Glazing of windows
  • Roof crush safety
  • Rollover occurrences

If these potential defects are not tested for, or the test results are manufactured, then it is very possible, if not likely, that thousands of people will be injured or killed due to the car manufacturer’s negligence. These tests are key in making sure that a car’s design can hold up against a collision and not malfunction during normal operation.

It is important to remember that drivers are expected to get into at least one or two accidents in their lifetimes. Even if you caused the accident, the systems of the car should still perform as expected. If they did not, and you became more injured as a direct result, then that is still considered an auto defect and you may be able to hold the auto manufacturer liable for any damages that their cars cause.

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Auto Defects and Liability

Cars pass through many hands and locations before finally being sold to the consumer. That means determining liability when it comes to auto defect cases can be difficult. An in-depth investigation is often needed in order to figure out what party is liable for your injuries. However, in our experience, some of the most commonly liable parties include:

The car manufacturer: This is the most obvious liable party, as they are the ones who built your car. If a car manufacturer released a car before it was given the proper tests, or they released a car knowing it was defective, then they should be held liable for the damages they caused.

The parts manufacturer: Cars experience a lot of wear and tear, and that means certain parts will often be replaced over time. If a replacement part was defective, then the manufacturer of just that part may be responsible for the damages caused.

The dealership or supply shop: If the group or person who sold you the car or a part damaged the vehicle or part, then they may be the liable party in an auto defect accident. In addition, not all defects happen because a part was built wrong, but rather because the part was installed incorrectly or negligently damaged.

The shipping company: Cars have to be moved all around the country and across the ocean to get to their dealerships or new owners. If the car was damaged during the shipping process, and that damage causes an accident, then the group responsible for the car’s transportation may be liable.

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Filing a Successful Auto Defect Claim

When it comes to auto defect claims, getting a successful settlement may not be easy. Car manufacturers have no interest in paying out large sums to those injured by their vehicles, no matter how much the victims deserve proper compensation. This means that they will have teams of highly skilled lawyers to try to tear your claim apart. When filing a claim against a car manufacturer company, you should:

Provide evidence of the flaw or defect: After your accident, take photos of the scene and speak to any witnesses. The manufacturing company may try to argue that the cause of the accident was not a defect, but some action on your part. Photos and witness statements can help refute that. You should also be sure to preserve the car, even if it is completely totaled. The car itself will be the best evidence that a defect took place.

Get a second opinion: Speaking of the car, you should also have a skilled mechanic take a look at the vehicle. The mechanic can examine the car and determine if there was indeed a defect in one of the car’s systems that caused the accident.

Provide evidence of a breach of warranty: A vehicle, as well as the parts that make up the vehicle, often has a written down, or implied, warranty. This warranty dictates how long the parts should reasonably last. For example, a twenty-year-old car that becomes involved in an accident due to a defective part is unlikely to be considered the fault of the manufacturer. That car lasted as long as could be expected, and the defect was likely due to the vehicle’s age. However, a car that experienced a defect within six-months may still be within its warranty. As such, the manufacturer may be held liable.

Speak with an attorney: For an auto defect case, you are unlikely to win if you go it alone. As we said, car companies have teams of attorneys that they are happy to unleash on you, so long as it means they don’t have to pay out a settlement. Working with a skilled and determined attorney at Lenahan Law Firm to get the compensation you deserve may be the best way to ensure that you have filed a successful auto defect claim.

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Auto Product Liability Claims

When negligent auto companies allow defective or malfunctioning vehicles to be sold to consumers, the outcome can be serious car accidents, catastrophic injuries and tragic cases of wrongful death. Facing a serious injury can be an emotionally and physically taxing experience that no one should have to experience. But you have the ability to retain high quality, experienced counsel to help you with your auto product liability claim.

In some cases an accident may be caused by a defective auto part or the failure of a critical safety component such as tires, brakes, airbags, seatbelts or others. It is important to speak with an attorney immediately so that liability can be established through a full investigation of the accident and the vehicle.

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