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Legal Representation for Victims of Laceration Injuries in Dallas

A laceration refers to a skin wound and is where the skin has been cut or torn. Lacerations are usually caused by a shark object such as broken glass, or blunt trauma. Laceration wounds have a wide range of severity from surface level to penetrating through the skin and into the underlying muscle, bone, or internal organs. Common symptoms of lacerations are significant bleeding and pain.

If you or a loved one has suffered a laceration injury in Dallas that required emergency treatment or other expensive medical care, and if that accident injury was to any extent due to the negligence of others, The Lenahan Law Office is here to help you. Our legal services can ensure that the negligent parties uphold their obligations to pay compensation to restore your financial circumstances and health in the long term.

What Is a Laceration?

A laceration is a wound that is produced by the tearing of soft body tissue. In most cases, this type of injury does not cause an infection. However, severe lacerations may cause infection or other serious consequences. It is important that any laceration is treated properly and promptly because it is often contaminated with bacteria and debris from whatever object caused the laceration.


Lacerations and cuts can occur in almost every serious accident, as traumatic injuries almost always result in some form of cut. Listed below are accidents that can lead to lacerations, which, depending on their severity, can result in long-term consequences:

Treatment and Consequences

The most common symptom of a laceration is bleeding, swelling, and bruising. Laceration treatment depends on the size, depth, and location of the laceration. Then, if the laceration is serious, it is important to get medical care as soon as possible to prevent any serious consequences. Lacerations are often treated with the following methods:

  • Wound cleaning – removing debris and excessive discharge, reducing the possibility of infection.
  • Repair – depending on how deep the laceration is, repair may be necessary including repairing the damaged muscle and closing the skin with stitches.
  • Pain medication – doctors can prescribe medication to make the laceration less painful.
  • Antibiotics – to continue preventing the possibility of infection.

It is important to get proper initial care and maintenance if you have suffered a laceration. If a laceration hasn’t been properly cared for, there can be some serious consequences such as continued pain, weakness from loss of blood, infection, or scarring.

Can You Get Compensation?

You may be able to get full compensation if you have suffered a laceration that occurred as a result of the negligence of others. Full compensation includes compensation for pain and suffering, medical expenses, and lost wages.

The Lenahan Law Firm our Dallas injury lawyers will begin an investigation to collect and preserve evidence from the scene of the accident. They will also get expert medical options regarding the extent of your injuries in order to assess your case, the pain and suffering you have caused, the medical expenses you have endured, and any wages you may have lost to assess your case for full compensation.

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