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Legal Representation for Victims of Road Rash Injuries

Road rash might not sound like a serious problem, but it can cause severe pain, permanent scaring, and a dangerous infection that may be fatal if not treated by a physician. If you are suffering from any type of rash after a Dallas motorcycle accident, you will want to see your doctor right away.

Riding a motorcycle is a fun and economical way to get around, but it can lead to hazardous injuries. If you are living with severe injuries from a motorcycle collision in Dallas, contact The Lenahan Law Firm today by calling (214) 295-1008 for a FREE consultation. We have recovered millions of dollars in settlements for people whose injuries were caused by some else’s negligence.

What Is Road Rash?

Road rash is not a simple abrasion. Road rash is a painful, traumatic, and debilitating injury that occurs when a person is dragged along the asphalt or concrete for an extended distance. Bicycle and skateboards accidents can cause road rash, but motorcycle accidents often result in especially acute cases of the condition.

When a motorcycle rider is forced to lay down their bike, or if they are thrown off the motorcycle, their skin may rub against the road, creating friction that can remove several layers of skin, damaging tissue all the way down to the bone.

See a Doctor If You Have Road Rash

Doctors classify road rash in three degrees, depending on how deeply it penetrates the skin.

  • First degree road rash damages the outer layer of skin. Redness, irritation, and cuts result, but if you see your doctor right away, you will probably be able to recover in a short period of time without permanent scaring.
  • Second degree road rash penetrates the top two layers of skin, causing pain, blisters, bleeding, redness, and swelling. It should be treated by a doctor right away.
  • Third degree road rash damages your skin and inner tissue, and this may include tendons, fat, cartilage, and bone. It can result in severe pain, infection, nerve damage, extensive scaring, and even amputation or death.

If you have road rash caused by a Dallas motorcycle accident and you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, it’s imperative that you visit your doctor immediately:

  • Fever
  • A rash larger than your hand
  • The wound won’t stop bleeding
  • Pus is draining from the injury
  • Discoloration and swelling
  • Bad smells coming from the wound
  • Red or dark streaks leading away from the wound

Getting Medical Treatment for Road Rash

Recovering from a serious case of road rash may require an extensive period of rest and rehabilitation. You may have to visit your doctor several times for medication, surgery, and professional wound dressing.

Serious disfigurement may result from road rash, and plastic surgery in the form of skin grafts is often required. A skin graft is a surgical procedure that takes skin from one area of the patient’s body and attaches it to another.

Getting Compensation for Your Injuries

Your Dallas motorcycle accident attorney will investigate your crash to determine whose negligence is responsible for your injuries. Then they will file one or more claims to recover your medical expenses and other costs caused by the injury. This may include:

  • Ambulance transport
  • Doctor’s appointments
  • Surgery
  • Lost income
  • Reduced earning potential
  • Emotional distress
  • Pain and suffering

We Specialize in Severe Injuries

At The Lenahan Law Firm, our attorneys help people put their lives back together after an accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence. We have the resources to take on big insurance companies and win.

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