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ATV Accident Lawyers in Dallas

Injury Claims Involving ATV Rollovers, Injuries and Recalls

All-terrain vehicles, or ATVs, have a number of different uses. Most of the time, they are used for recreation on sand dunes, beaches and off-road trails. They have also been discovered to be helpful work vehicles on farms ranches. However, no matter how fun or useful these vehicles are, accidents are always possible. In recent years, several ATV models have proven to be susceptible to rollovers and other accidents and have therefore been recalled.

These models are:

  • Yamaha Rhino 450, 600 and 700
  • Honda TRX 420 Rancher and TRX 500
  • Suzuki QuadSport
  • Kawasaki KFX 50 and 90
  • BRP Can-Am Outlander
  • Fushin models
  • Multiple Polaris Sportsman models

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What Injuries Can Be Caused by an ATV Accident?

Most ATV recalls are a result of unstable design, such as a high center of gravity or top-heavy construction that makes the vehicle prone to rollovers. Many of these models also lack rollover safety bars.

Should an ATV flip over, the passengers could be thrown, crushed, or pinned beneath the vehicle and suffer:

Other models have improper padding or protection from sharp edges, which could cause severe cuts and lacerations, accidental amputation, or other bodily injury. If you have been in an ATV accident and have been seriously injured, or if someone you love has been killed in such an event, contact a Dallas personal injury lawyer from our firm today.

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