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Fighting the Bullies & Thieves

Every single day, mega-corporations shaft the smaller guy. Millions and billions of dollars wind up in undeserving hands. And with a stable of high-dollar attorneys standing behind them in custom suits, they sneer just like the schoolyard bully and ask, “What ya gonna do about it?”

What you can do about it is come to the Lenahan Law Firm.

We're high-dollar lawyers, too. Except you don't pay us a retainer or an hourly fee. We handle your severe financial injury the same as we do for our clients with severe physical injuries: contingency fee. We invest our money, and our time, on your case. Some would say that levels the playing field. Some would say that gives you the advantage. (Yes, we have lots of custom-made suits, too—though we just wear jeans most of the time anyway.)

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A Breadth of Experiences: There Ain't Much We Haven't Seen

Of the attorneys at our law firm, not one got here by spending all of their lives in a law library. Wes represented doctors and hospitals, and worked in Mergers & Acquisitions. Marc began on an assembly line and worked his way to management of a billion-dollar-a-year computer chip factory.

And being injury attorneys for these combined decades means that, over and over and over, we have become experts in the broadest palettes of professions by standing in the shoes of others.

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Same Model, Better Laws: Severe Financial Injuries Are Injuries, Too

Almost every severe personal injury includes an important component of financial harm. Our firm assesses such issues every day. Likewise, both physical and financial torts begin with the same burden: determining who broke the rules. Sometimes there is a financial "injury" that does not harm the body.

This happens when contracts are breached, oil leases are fraudulently represented, and investments are falsely induced or mismanaged. But an injury does not need to reach the body to hurt the heart and soul.

Not only can these losses be every bit as devastating to a family as a severe physical injury-and every bit as deserving of justice, but these losses usually permit us to utilize areas of law that are not frequently available to clients who primarily suffer bodily injury.

The core issues are the same, the law can be better, and you get lawyers in your corner that won't bore the jury to sleep. Don't allow such harm and injury to occur without the bully being brought to justice. Call Lenahan Law Firm today for helpful counsel and skilled representation.

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Finding the Right Personal Injury Attorney

Our firm dedicates itself to providing full attention and care to every detail of each case we take on. We also limit the number of cases we handle at once so that we can provide such service. If you are looking for a highly-reviewed, experienced, caring and aggressive Dallas personal injury attorney, we could help.

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