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Why Aviation Cases Are Often Complex

Aviation injury cases are always complex. From day one, there will be issues of evidence preservation and spoliation, international treaties, federal jurisdiction, federal investigations, proper venue, expert retention, agency, and dozens of other factors to be analyzed. The location where the accident occurs is not necessarily the area in which the case will be fought. Do not choose an attorney because they are close to the scene. Choose a law firm that is the right fit for you. The Lenahan Law Firm is one that will assemble the right team of experts and attorneys, one that is willing to travel the globe to fight for you, and one that will be guided at all times by your story and the search for justice.

If you have suffered a severe injury or the loss of a loved one in an airplane, helicopter or other aviation-related accident, you need legal counsel that will fight for your interests. We can provide a Dallas personal injury lawyer from our firm to help you receive just compensation for this painful experience. Aviation related accidents are not common, but when they do occur, they usually cause severe bodily injury and often fatal injuries.

Pilot error, equipment malfunction, defective products, mismanagement of fuel, and extreme weather conditions are all possible contributors. Most people who are trying to determine where to get the legal help they need after such an accident have never been through this before and don't know where to start. The sooner you initiate legal action, the better, beginning with finding an attorney that focuses only on severe injury cases.

Notable Aviation Case

Man inspecting airplaneThe Christmas prior to 9-11, a British Airways flight was seized by a mentally ill passenger and sent into a dive. Thankfully, he was over-powered just moments before regaining control of the plane became impossible, and the flight was saved. During his investigation of the incident on behalf of his client, Marc Lenahan discovered evidence that showed that 9-11 wasn't just predictable, it was predicted. The airlines and the U.S. Congress were acutely aware of the vulnerabilities of aircraft, but knowingly caved to pressures from the airlines to avoid the inconvenience and costs that proper safety would have required. So, when 9-11 occurred, Marc predicted that the U.S. Congress and the airlines involved would spring into action to prevent their exposure. Within days, they had begun passing laws limiting their liability and obscuring evidence that was already in Marc's files.

The Lenahan Law Firm – Quality Legal Assistance After a Dallas Plane Accident

The Lenahan Law Firm is a Dallas firm that specializes solely in cases of severe injury or wrongful death, including aviation accidents. We understand what you are going through and we know how to assist you with effective legal action. We are not a large law firm with many areas of specialization. We specialize only in representing the severely injured and those who have lost a loved one in an accident. This way, we can best serve and represent you.

Our Dallas aviation accident lawyers will be personally committed to your cause, your future and your right to the compensation you deserve. Contact our team today at (888) 473-2820.

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