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Losing your vision is a devastating, life-changing injury. But, if your eyesight was lost as the result of someone else’s negligence, you have the right to seek justice and full compensation for all damages, including financial and emotional. A case of vision loss may be the result of head trauma in a slip and fall or a car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, or pedestrian accident.

When an accident causes you to lose your vision, it can be terrifying. We expect our eyesight to be an aspect of our lives that we can forever rely on. But that just isn’t the case sometimes. Losing your vision means potentially losing your job, your independence, and your very way of life. We at The Lenahan Law Firm understand how traumatic that can be. That is why, if you lose your vision due to someone else’s negligence, our Dallas vision loss attorneys want to help. Call our firm at (214) 295-1008 and schedule a free evaluation.

How You Can Lose Your Vision

While we all expect to experience worsening vision as we age, the sudden loss of vision or an injury directly to the eye is truly shocking. This kind of damage can happen during an auto accident, when glass and metal shrapnel are sent flying in every direction. If the shrapnel hits your eye or damages the muscles around the eye socket, then it can cause you to lose the eye altogether or experience serious vision loss.

However, you can also lose your vision due to a brain injury. Our eyes capture information by sensing light and then sending that information to our brains to be interpreted. Your eyes can function perfectly, but you still may not be able to see if that flow of information is interrupted. Even an accident as seemingly innocent as a slip-and-fall can be absolutely devastating, as it may damage the part of your brain responsible for sight.

The Most Common Eyes Injuries

Just as you can lose your vision from different kinds of accidents, your vision can be impacted in different ways. Total blindness is often the only kind of seeing disability we think of, as it is the most extreme, but truthfully there are many kinds of vision loss you could suffer from following an accident.

Double vision: One or both of your eyes sees two images of a single object, affecting the ability to work, drive, or live a normal life.

Blurred vision: A lack of clear focus in one or both of your eyes may seriously affect your quality of life.

Reduced peripheral vision: The inability to see left or right in your field of vision makes it impossible to operate a vehicle safely or enjoy life as you did prior to the injury.

Night blindness: Some injuries lead to night blindness, or “nyctalopia,” in which it is impossible to see clearly in poor lighting due to damage to the retina.

Light sensitivity: An injury to the eyes or brain can lead to light sensitivity, a condition in which bright light is painful to experience, which may be the result of a damage to the cornea.

Optic nerve damage: The optic nerve sends information to the brain to create visual images. When these nerves are damaged, total or partial vision loss may be the result.

Total or partial blindness: One of both eyes can be affected, with the visual ability so limited that only shadows are visible, or complete blindness.

Treating Your Eye Injury

While treatments are available for vision loss, in many cases, it is often impossible to restore completely clear eyesight. Our eyes are incredibly complicated and delicate, which makes repairing them extremely difficult. Our brains are even more complex than our eyes, so if the issue is due to brain damage, then the likelihood of there being a clean fix is fairly low.

Still, eye surgery may be performed to attempt to repair damaged eye structures, including the cornea, retina, or optic nerves. Several eye operations may be performed to attempt to restore vision, but these come at a high cost. Any kind of corrective work on your eyesight, whether it be directly to your eye or to your brain, will likely cost tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. That sort of price tag, along with the fact that you will be unable to work for some time, can have a serious impact on your life.

Long-Term Impact of Vision Loss

Vision loss is just one of many ways you can be seriously injured during an accident, but an eye injury can significantly impact your ability to recover. In addition, eye and brain injuries will stay with you your entire life. In fact, vision loss can lead to:

  • A permanent disability that results in the loss of career, earning capacity, the need to learn to read Braille, assistance with daily tasks, and other specialized training to enjoy your life.
  • Medical debt incurred from multiple surgeries, treatments performed by eye and vision specialists, or the need for ongoing medical care.
  • Mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and other psychological issues that heavily impact your overall quality of life.

The Compensation You Deserve After an Eye Injury in Dallas

If you lost some or all of your vision due to an act of negligence, you have the right to pursue compensation. At The Lenahan Law Firm, our Dallas injury lawyer will pursue the maximum possible in economic and non-economic damages to that you have a fair chance at living comfortably after your accident. Call our Dallas office at (214) 295-1008 to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation. We will assess your case at no cost to you. We charge no legal fees unless we are successful in recovering compensation for you.

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