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Drunk Truck Driver Accident Attorneys in Dallas

Hurt by a Drunk or Drugged Truck Driver? Call Us

According to statistics, driver impairment is among the most common reasons for a truck accident to occur. In many cases, alcohol is less of a problem than is drug abuse. Truck drivers are notorious for consuming various drugs to remain alert during their long hauls. If you believev that a drunk driver contributed to your crash, call our Dallas truck accident attorneys for assistance.

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Truck Drivers Are Held to a Higher Standard

Commercial vehicle drivers are held to higher safety standards than other drivers because of their time spent on the road and the impact of the vehicle if an accident does occur. For commercial vehicle operators, the legal blood alcohol content level is 0.04%, which is about half of the legal limit for drivers of regular vehicles. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration also states that truck drivers cannot consume alcohol within four hours of their shift.

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Mandatory Drug and Alcohol Testing for Truck Drivers

Truck drivers are required to submit to random tests to assess the presence of alcohol and drugs in their system. Trucking companies are given the authority to administer a blood and alcohol test to their employees who seem suspicious. In fact, truck companies are required to administer random tests to 10% of their employees every year. If a driver refuses to submit to a test, their job will be on the line. Even with these trucking regulations in place, truck accidents from drug or alcohol intoxication is a prevlent problem.

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Skilled Truck Accident Lawyer in Dallas Ready to Fight for You

If a truck driver has violated a law pertaining to drug and alcohol restrictions and this negligence has resulted in injury to yourself, we can help you hold the wrongdoer accountable. At Lenahan Law Firm, we have an in-depth understanding of the laws and regulations that govern these industries.

To get started, schedule a free case evaluation with our Dallas injury attorney. We offer representation with an in-depth understanding of these laws and regulations.

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