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Texting or using a phone while driving is one of the leading causes of motor vehicle accidents today. Although campaigns against texting while driving have been effective to some degree, millions of drivers continue to engage in the dangerous habit of texting while driving. Such behavior is reckless and voluntarily puts the lives of other individuals on the road at risk. When operating a motor vehicle, taking your eyes off the road for a matter of seconds can result in the serious bodily injury or even wrongful death of another individual.

Distracted driving takes the lives of many individuals unnecessarily every year. Those who do survive are often forced to deal with life-altering injuries. Nearly 6,000 individuals die every year due to collisions with distracted drivers. Several studies have shown that texting while driving can actually be more dangerous than drunk driving.

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If you or a loved one has been injured by a driver partaking in any actions such as using a PDA, emailing, talking on a cell phone, or texting while driving, you have the right to speak with a Dallas personal injury lawyer regarding your compensation. Contact us today to schedule your case evaluation!

High Quality Legal Guidance in Dallas

At Lenahan Law Firm, we have helped many individuals who were seriously injured after a collision with a distracted driver. Finding a firm that focuses exclusively on severe injury cases can be difficult and confusing for persons who have never had to do so before. We only accept the representation of those who are severely injured.

This is in stark contrast to most personal injury firms which also focus on divorce law, criminal law, or other areas of law in addition personal injury cases. Unlike these firms, we are able to wholly devote our time to clients that are suffering from severe injury.

Our firm's legal team understands what it means to advocate for individuals who have been victimized by others who have broken the law. Dallas Injury Attorney Marc Lenahan has been selected to serve as the National Crime Victim Bar Association's President-Elect for 2013.

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