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What Is a Denton County Premises Liability Claim?

Every year, a number of Texans suffer injuries from slip and fall accidents as a result of poorly maintained properties. If these buildings are improperly maintained, then the victim may bring a Denton County premises liability claim against the party responsible. When Texas property owners do not fix or warn people about potentially dangerous conditions on their property, they may be held liable under Texas premises liability law.

A premises liability claim is a type of negligence action that can be brought as a result of injuries that are caused by the condition of the property. An experienced Denton County personal injury lawyer at The Lenahan Law Firm can help you maneuver through the tricky legal issues of bringing a claim. Get in touch if you or a loved one have been in a slip and fall accident as a result of poorly maintained premises.

Hazardous Property Conditions in Denton County

There are a number of different property conditions that can lead to accidents. Negligence maintenance is one of the more common ones. If someone explicitly or implicitly invites them onto their property, then it is their duty to maintain their premise and remove any hazards.

Animal attacks, particularly dog bites, are also another hazardous property condition. If another person’s dog has been aggressive and you suffered serious injuries due to dog bites then you may be able to hold the dog owner liable for your injuries.

Slip-and-fall accidents are the most common and can occur when there are leaks or spills that haven’t been dealt with properly, or hazards in walking areas causing risks of trips. Property owners have a duty to reduce any risks of slipping and falling. Falls can lead to serious injuries including broken bones and traumatic brain injuries.

Swimming pools can also be hazardous and cause accidents. You may enjoy using a friend’s, neighbor’s, or public pool and in doing so you would expect that these pools have been maintained properly and are safe. If you have been injured at a pool, call a premises liability lawyer to discuss your legal options.

Who Is Liable?

Premises liability law in Texas is not simple. There are numerous factors that influence the legal duty owed to you at the time of the accident. A landowner’s legal duty towards you may differ depending on the purpose of your visit to their property.

You may be a licensee, which means you are on the property with the consent of the owner for a non-commercial benefit. Or you could be an invitee, which means you are on the property with consent for a business purpose. In both of these situations, the landowner or occupier owes a duty of care toward you.

If you are a trespasser, which means that you do not have permission to be on another person’s property, then the property owner has a minimal duty of care toward you. They only have to refrain from gross negligence, or intentional misconduct such as laying a trap, but they do not have a duty to keep you safe in the same way they do with licensees and invitees.

Compensation for Denton County Victims of Dangerous Property Accidents

If you were harmed because of dangerous conditions on someone else’s property in Denton County, then you may have the right to pursue compensation. A lawyer will assess your case to ensure that all of the specific elements are present in order for you to have a successful claim.

The Lenahan Law Firm will provide invaluable help when it comes to establishing all of the elements you need in your case. Our Denton County premises liability lawyers are talented and experienced and can help take the burden off you in the aftermath of your accident.

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